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How To Reduce Cyber Security Attacks


Cyber attacks are now similar to what burglaries at home used to be. People who make use of technology have all at some point been victims of online security breaches in one way or another. No one is ever 100% safe while online and this isn’t something which individuals face in terms of personal security or safety; even businesses and large companies aren’t able to protect themselves in any better manner.

It may come as a surprise that a number of companies are still old school with respect to implementing a security system to keep data protected. Focus is usually placed on ensuring that attacks don’t take place while no emphasis is put on what happens actually when someone actually does find a way to get through security precautions. Efforts need to be put on how security can be tackled in this day and age and this can be done through breach detection.

Breach detection is a method which relies on finding out long tail intrusions once they have occurred. The process consists of finding out, assessing and then reducing any damage which may have occurred after the breach has taken place. This process could help in either making or breaking the security information of the company. This is where the logic of prevention being better than the cure itself doesn’t stand to work any longer. It is up to companies which need to be able to rehabilitate their systems fast without any problems from occurring further. This also requires the problem to be found as fast as possible and solved.

Hackers aren’t how they used to be before. If you are more protected than any other firm doesn’t reduce your chance of getting hacked. Every attack done is usually customized according to the person or firm being targeted. It is likely that the hacker too has every security measure in place similar to yours so that he/she can learn how the codes can be cracked quicker. Once the breach takes place is when the damage actually begins hence making breach detection to be an important concept.

In order for breach detection to actually be effective, it would require it to be able to process large amounts of data at one time. Apart from this, it should also be able to figure out exactly what the problem is which needs tackling. Breach detection tools such as Aorato, Bit9, Exabeam and Seculert are some examples which have done well in this area. They try in honing the actual issue which needs to be examined and dealt with rather than creating an influx of irrelevant security alerts. These tools would be able to get their hands on any clues which may have been left behind by a hacker.

With firms losing sensitive data to such security breaches, consistent and more powerful techniques are needed to solve such situations. By ignoring the issue would lead to internal data being at risk and would also put the company and its clients at risk in the future.


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