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Ransomware Threat Leads Android Malware Woes


Android is often believed to be the most insecure mobile platform, mainly because of the massive amount of malware circling it. Whether the perception about Android’s susceptibility to malware is true or not is another debate. The more important thing is to be aware of the biggest security threats to Google’s mobile OS. While conducting a research, Bitdefender discovered that one malware has been wreaking a lot of havoc on Android devices lately. This malware is none other than ransomware.

A Dominant Threat

Ransomware is a form of malware in which the attacker demands money in exchange for whatever resource they hijacked. It could be personal images, personal videos, bank account numbers, social security numbers, and so much more. This malware can be sent to user’s phone through a lot of different techniques like spam emails, a random click on some website, an irresistible ad, etc. If the hackers manage to sneak into users’ smartphone, they get access to pretty much everything because most of the people around the world store their crucial data on their phones. Once they hijack someone’s personal data, they begin to blackmail them and ask for money. People want this nuisance to go away so they cave in to the blackmailing, thus giving hackers whatever sum they’re demanding.

Ransomware is said to be the biggest threat during the second half of 2015, with hackers using malicious apps to spread it. More than 28% of Android victims reported this malware on their smartphones, with many more not bringing it to anyone’s attention on any forum. These stats only offer a glimpse of how dangerous the malware threat has become.

Little Hope for Improvement in Situation

If you are hoping that things would change in the future, you’re most probably wrong. Android holds more than 80% of the mobile market share, which make it the most attractive target for hackers, and understandably so. It is highly likely that they will continue to release all sorts of malware for the platform because there is much larger user-base, which provides them with more room for exploitation. Ransomware is pretty profitable for hackers. They can make a ton of money by exploiting just a few people over the course of the year.

The worst part is that authorities haven’t really been able to do much about this matter. This has given newfound confidence to the hackers and now they have become way more fearless in their hacking attempts. They feel that they can get away with whatever they do because it has been this way for far too long.

Hopefully, some serious actions will be taken against these hackers so that the ransomware issue can finally be put to rest. But that’s seem rather farfetched at the moment, especially taking into consideration the aforementioned stats, which clearly show how dominant the hacking community has become. However, we are still hoping that Google will up its security and reduce the threat by quite some margin during the course of 2016.