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Protecting Your Computer From Hackers And Viruses


The best advice someone can give you is to protect your computer. Because of the importance of this topic, the following is some advice and guidelines taken from the official online website of the FBI which have been modified and/or quoted verbatim. The advice doesn’t only apply to computers but to other digital devices as well.

  1. Keep firewall switched on: firewall helps in protecting your computer from hackers who try to gain access to it to crash it or delete information. Some may even want to gain access to your computer. The firewall prevents this from happening and is the internal security system of your computer. Apple’s Mac and Microsoft Windows both come equipped with firewall; all that you need to do so is turn them on.  Firewall software programs can also be purchased.
  2. Install antivirus software: these software’s play a different role than firewall. These are designed to prevent malicious software’s and programs from getting into your computer. If the antivirus detects any malicious code, it will disarm and remove it. Viruses tend to infect computers without the user knowing which is why antivirus software’s can be of great use.
  3. Install and update antispyware technology: spyware is technology which is installed to let others know what activities you are conducting on your computer. Spyware will collect information without your consent and even cause pop-up ads to occur. Operating systems such as Apple’s Mac and Microsoft Windows do offer free spyware protection. Apart from this, free and reasonable software’s are readily available which can be downloaded or purchased at the store as well.
  4. Keep your operating system up to date: operating systems need to be updated periodically so that they can be in tune with any technology advances occurring or to fix security issues. Make sure that you install them on your computer so that you can have the latest protection. It is best to turn on the automatic update feature in the operating system to ensure updates occur when they should
  5. Be vary of what you download: email attachments tend to contain the most number of viruses which is why you shouldn’t carelessly download whatever you receive in your emails. If you don’t know the sender of the email, don’t open the email. The same applies to any forwarded attachments you may receive.
  6. Turning off your computer: a number of people tend to leave their devices on however the downside to this is that it makes the device more susceptible to risks. Beyond firewall protection, switching off your computer can sever the connection an attacker may have formed with your computer.

General advice regarding how you can keep your computers safe is to firstly employ the firewall, antivirus and spyware protection which comes readily available with the operating systems. They are handy and reliable and you will be directed on how to install them when you turn on your device. While these software’s may only be free for a while and then ask you for a price, don’t be surprised however do know that the cost is usually worth it.

If you wish to add more than one spyware programs to get additional protection, think twice before doing so as having a number of them run at the same time can cause conflicts on your computer. Choose the best program for yourself and then use only that.

Take advantage of the automatic updates option offered by your operating system. Always opt for making updates automatic as it leaves you with not having to worry about it.

Lastly, while such problems do exist do not get paranoid or take stress all the time. You can do your best and stick to the advice mentioned however there is nothing more you can do and getting paranoid isn’t going to help you either. If your device does get infected by any chance, you can get rid of the malware and virus. Thus what you should be doing is enforcing the right kind of protection and then relaxing and using your computer with ease.