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How to Protect Your Kids from Pedophiles on WhatsApp


Now that WhatsApp has gotten so popular among kids, pedophiles have started to see it as an excellent platform for reaching out to them and trapping them through it. You as a parent obviously want to ensure your kids’ safety, but when they are communicating through the chat app and keeping their conversations private, then there’s very little that you can do about it. You won’t know who they are talking to, what they are talking about, what kind of stuff is being said, etc. However, there’s no need to worry anymore because app developers have found a way for you to keep an eye on your kids’ WhatsApp conversations so that you can save them from the devious schemes of pedophiles. The solution they have come up with is monitoring apps.

What are Monitoring Apps?

Monitoring apps are tools that allow you to see what your kids are doing on their mobile devices. You are able to see almost all of their digital activities, and most importantly, their WhatsApp conversation threads. All the sent and received messages are delivered to an online server from their mobile device, and from there, you can go through the logged conversations at will. This is certainly a huge help, especially in the modern day when chat apps have become the biggest mode of communication among kids.

How Can They Help?

Now that you have access to your kids’ WhatsApp communications, you can see who they are talking to, and what kind of stuff is being said. If you notice someone messaging them acting all friendly whereas you kid doesn’t know about them, then the likelihood is that they are pedophiles who are on the hunt for your child. You should intervene right away and inquire about that person. If your child really doesn’t have any idea about them, then report that particular phone number to higher authorities and let them do the rest. They will surely take care of the problem, making the world a safer place for your kids and for others.

Signs of a Pedophile

Your kids talk to a lot of people, so figuring out who is a pedophile and who is just being cheeky can be quite a challenge. However, following are some signs that are only showcased by pedophiles and will allow you to identify them before they could do anything.

  • They act unusually friendly with kids
  • Talk to children like they are their lovers
  • Know a lot about children’s biology
  • Ask personal questions way too often
  • They are always looking to meet in non-public places
  • They use different tricks like games, activities, and sports to gain trust of the children.

If the people you suspect of being a pedophile showcase even one of the aforementioned traits during their WhatsApp conversations, then the likelihood is that they most probably are one. You should conduct a little investigation about them yourself to save your kids from getting into any trouble.