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Protect Your Kids from Online Threats with Monitoring Solutions


Online threats like cyberbullying, cyber predators, and easy availability of pornographic content have become a huge problem these days. Modern-day children are facing these atrocities on regular basis and they just can’t find an escape. All of these threats have the potential to scar someone for life, which is why parents need to be proficient about them. They have to take measures to protect their kids from these threats. A parental control can help a great deal, but if you want a more detailed solution, then you should check out monitoring solutions like Mobistealth. It comes with a ton of features, which can help you keep your children safe from all kinds of online threats.


Cyberbullying is huge these days. Kids are spending most of their time on their smartphones and social media and are always at a risk of getting cyberbullied. They get insulted for their looks, for their physique, and for the way they talk. Previously, this kind of insulting was restricted to school but now that everyone is happening on the internet, the bullies never leave the side of the victim. They are always making them a target. Kids who are a victim of cyberbullying lose all of their confidence thence are unable to do communicate their problems well to others. You, as parents can’t do anything to stop it because you don’t even know what’s happening in your kids’ lives. This is where monitoring solutions can be a huge help. They allow you to see text messages and calls that have been taking place on your kid’s smartphone. If you see that they are being humiliated in any way, then you need to step up right away and ensure your child that you will be by their side and support them against the bullies.

Cyber Predators

Almost every kid these days has access to the web so it’s natural for predators to migrate to the web as well. They now lurk on different social media platforms and look for complacent kids. They have a keen eye so it’s not difficult for them to find one either. Just like cyberbullying, cyber predators can have a huge effect on your children, which is why you need to get rid of them before they pose a problem. You can do that easily with a monitoring solution at your disposal. They are capable of keeping an eye on messaging apps, and most of the cyber-predators use those to talk to the kids. If you see any fishy message or see your kid talking to someone who seems older than them, intervene right away and stop it from going any further.

Readily Available Porn

Pornographic content is now easily available all across the web and children get attracted to it. Unfortunately, parents don’t think too much about it and leave it, when it shouldn’t happen. Watching excessive porn could lead to porn addiction, which is an extremely dangerous disease and can ruin a person for life. You can see the web history of your kids through monitoring apps so utilize them. If you see that your kids are excessively visiting pornographic websites, then have a talk with them and explain how watching such content can be dangerous for them. They will surely understand.