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Does Privacy Even Exist on Facebook Anymore?


Since the arrival of social networking platforms, people have forgotten about their privacy and are uploading their pictures, videos, opinions, etc., displaying a worrisome amount of indifference towards visibility of such content to public. The massive popularity of Facebook has brought privacy to the forefront as one of the major issues with social networking platforms, especially with the growing awareness of digital threats such as predators, stalkers, cybercriminals, etc. Facebook privacy has been a debated upon countless times, but unfortunately it has only led to more confusion than clarity.

The Diminishing Concept of Privacy

From time to time, the social networking giant keeps on introducing updates that tout better privacy controls, but such claims soon come crashing. The mind of Facebook, a mere website, has developed to a scary extent, bringing it to a point where it even understands what the user is like, how he thinks, what he wants to view, and much more. The kind of ads, page suggestions, etc. all are based on this. As it turns out, every user has been placed on a radar. That, however, is not all. A recent update for Facebook virtually killed off the purpose of privacy as the users were made to willingly or unwillingly accept the fact that their profile pictures will remain visible to everyone whether they like it or not. Previously, there was an option that allowed users to set the audience for their pictures, but that’s no longer the case. Those with bad intentions can easily steal someone’s display picture, make a fake profile, and wreak havoc. This must give you a pretty good idea of how much Facebook cares about users’ privacy and safety.

Do People Even Care?

Facebook has given a celebrity status to the people. Now they know how it feels when people are interested in what they have to say or do in their daily lives. This feeling is common amongst the Facebook users, which is why they keep on sharing all of their stuff publicly so that more and more people start to follow them, hence increasing their fan base. This feeling is the reason people have stopped caring about their privacy. They want their pictures, opinions, and videos to be seen by public and Facebook seems to be only giving them what they want.

Privacy Scandals Ignored

People talk about Facebook’s privacy because it’s a popular platform, but there have been multiple leaks before (Edward Snowden, ring a bell?) where it was revealed that major security agencies (NSA comes to mind of course) have been spying people around the globe. This scandal was huge for a few months. but then the heat started to slow down because as of that time, people had stopped caring about their privacy as much as they should have. Some people who were and still are concerned over this revelation have to live with the fact that they are not the majority in this situation and have to settle with what little privacy that has been given to them by their government and the tech companies.

Who’s to Blame?

So who’s at fault? Social networks who are removing privacy restrictions or the people who use these platforms despite lack of privacy? We have got to give this one to the people because they have just stopped caring about their privacy. Even when there were privacy options available on Facebook, not a lot of people paid heed to them and continued to post everything about them publicly. This practice has been going on since the dawn of Facebook and things have gotten only worse with time. The final blow to privacy was delivered by Facebook itself with the with the recent update where it allowed profile pictures of everyone to be visible to public. No one seems to mind it either because everyone’s gotten used to living without privacy.