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How to Prevent Mobile Malware Easily


The popularity of smartphones makes them a tempting target for hackers and malicious coders, a trend that we had seen with Windows. Large user base means more apps getting downloaded onto the mobile phones, consequently increases the likelihood of people falling into the malware trap will increase. Of course, the uninvited guest can wreak havoc once it sneaks into the device, like stealing personal data, delivering ads, slowing down performance, and much more. Although there are plenty of security apps that help in removing mobile malware, nothing comes close to beating the effectiveness of prevention. Therefore, we have jotted down a few ways in which you can keep the likes of spyware, adware, viruses, Trojans, and other malicious elements from infecting your device.

Download from Official Store

The likelihood of malware being present on the official store is very low. Knowing that, it is advised that you download everything you need from there. And if you really need to download something that is not available on the official store, then do some research on the developer and take a look at the official website. If you don’t find anything wrong, then you may safely download the app from the official website. However, do keep in mind that the risk will still be there.

Download Antivirus

A large number of antivirus apps are available. Just opt for the software that best meets your needs or offers features that you deem handy. Scan your smartphone regularly so that you can know right away if something is wrong. If by chance, a malware has snuck into your device, the antivirus app will alert you right away. You can then proceed to removing it from your phone.

Stay Updated

You have to keep antivirus up-to-date because new kinds of malware are being released on the web every single day and the developers behind antivirus apps continuously release updates to counter the new viruses. Due to this reason, you must always keep your security app updated so that you don’t have to face any issues. This is a major responsibility and it lies only on you. If you are not careful, then you have only got yourself to blame in case of your smartphone getting infected.

Read Permissions

Not many people like to spare a few seconds to read the permissions before downloading a new app, which ends up costing them. It is very important that you take a look at the sort of access the app you plan on downloading requires. All apps need permissions and whatever they need to perform their functionality will be mentioned in those permissions. If you see something out of the ordinary or something that you feel doesn’t make sense in terms of the app’s functionality requirement, you should avoid downloading it altogether.

Avoid Jailbreak/Rooting

If you really want to keep your device safe and secure, make sure that you don’t tinker with the official or approved firmware under any circumstances. Jailbreaking and rooting may grant you more freedom on your smartphone, but it also makes it extremely vulnerable to malware attacks. Staying legit may be expensive as you have to pay for each and everything you want, and it may also limit your freedom as to what you can and cannot do, but on the flipside, it curbs the risk of malware sneaking into your smartphone to a large extent.