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The Pitfalls of Smartphone Tracking Apps


There is a lot of information available on the effectiveness and extraordinary benefits of smartphone tracking apps online, but hardly a few people are aware of the grey side of this technology. These apps are a potential danger, not only for us, but also for our families particularly kids for various reasons, some of which have been highlighted below.

Allows Anyone to Intrude into Our Private Life

Privacy is a serious concern for everyone alike. Unfortunately, tracking technology is doing serious harm to our private lives by revealing everything that is best left private. What may seem to be an ordinary location tracker can put our privacy at risk by revealing information like our home address, office address, gym we go to, places we frequently visit and when we visit them, school our kids go to, etc., giving a perfect chance to anyone to misuse the information to exploit us, harm our kids, or use it for some other malicious purpose. They also leave us in a really awkward position by revealing our location details to someone we do not want to remain in contact with. In the same way, these dangerously powerful apps let others find us when we want to spend time alone. In short, they hijack our lives by revealing every move we make to anyone. And guess what? All this is done by using our very own smartphone.

Leaves Us Vulnerable

Smartphone location trackers have become a popular tool among stalkers, abusers, and other malicious or intrusive elements as it allows them to track the location of their target remotely without dropping any clue. What’s distressing is that these apps reveal detailed information about our location down to the street and exact location we are at, along with the time stamps. A large number of people have lost their lives due to these apps as the murderers were found to be using tracking apps to keep tabs on their target. The apps that are being marketed as a parenting essential for keeping kids safe are unfortunately being used as a dangerous weapon for harassment, blackmailing, kidnappings, and abductions.

Reveals Our Private Information to Marketers

Location-based marketing through the help of location tracking apps has proved to be a very powerful tool for boosting sales and increasing traffic. This is why marketers and advertisers do not feel shy to intrude into the private space of people by tracking their smartphone location, sending messages, or calling them right in the middle of the day to share the deals they are offering and discounts they are giving on various products. This can be really frustrating, especially when we receive calls, messages and emails on a frequent basis.

Thankfully, we can keep ourselves and our families safe from the aforementioned and various other dangers by making sure no one tracks our location. It is only possible if we keep our smartphone away from the reach of spies and snoops, and also avoid clicking unknown links while surfing the web.