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How To Keep Your Password Safe


Keeping recent events into consideration, one should always remember that their passwords are something which can get hacked into very easily. The same password which helps in keeping your personal information safe has the potential of getting hacked and could allow hackers to find their way into your life. While this may be terrible to think about, what’s good is that there are certain ways through which this can be avoided.

Getting Started

First of all, you should never make use of the same password twice. Most people tend to use the same password for of their accounts online. However doing so increases the chances of your accounts being hacked because if one is hacked, all your remaining accounts and details are at risk as well. Thus, to minimize this risk, not only should you not use the same password twice but you should also make sure that the ones you make are strong.

Secondly, you should avoid making use of open and public Wi-Fi networks especially if you don’t trust them. It can be very enticing to make use of open networks while you are out so that you can check your emails, check social networking sites or even get your work done. While this may help you kill some time, you never know what information of yours anyone can get through the network without you even knowing. There are a number of software’s which could get to your details without you even realizing what has happened. At the same time, it is also a good time to not log in to any personal accounts if you absolutely must use the open network. This is because software’s such as Key loggers can store account information within seconds.

Third, make sure that the passwords you are using are strong and solid because no matter how much precaution you take, without a solid password, you can’t keep your data safe. Make sure your passwords have a combination of letters, numbers and characters which may seem difficult to remember but it will be even more difficult to hack. You could even keep whatever your current password is and simply add some numbers and characters to it to make it slightly more complicated.

Lastly, never trust any random website. Phishing pages have become very common and what they do is that they prompt you to sign in to your account or into your inbox whereas you have actually done so already. The aim of these pages is to get you to sign in through their fake page so that they get their hands on your password. In such cases, you need to be extra careful and double check any link or prompt that you get. The best thing would be to mark these as spam and delete them immediately.


Your password is your gateway to all your accounts online and keeping it safe will determine your well being on the internet as well. If you are unable to keep yourself safe online, you will end up blaming yourself later on if something goes wrong.


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