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Parents can watch over their driving teen from afar


When teenagers get their driver’s license, many of them breathe in a sigh of relief – while their parents do the exact opposite. However, recent technology advancements can work in the parent’s favor, allowing them to keep tabs on their teen, without physically sitting in the passenger seat, according to Fox Business.

Some parental control software can be of use to many parents, including those with anxieties about youngsters behind the wheel. The news source reports that if a teen knows they are being monitored by their parents while driving, they are less likely to speed or make risky decisions.

A 2009 study conducted by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety backed up this theory, explaining that the teens turned out to be better drivers when under parental surveillance.

“The group that saw the most improvement heard an alert,” said Anne McCartt, Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) senior vice president for research. “If they corrected their behavior within 20 seconds, violations would not be reported to their parents. This combined with a biweekly e-mail report to the parents was the most effective combination.”

Some software allows parents to track the speed their child is going. If they go over a certain number, the parent will be notified or the car will not exceed a speed that the adult has set. Additionally, parents can purchase cell phone tracking devices that will show where the teen is at all times. Installing video cameras can also be of some benefit, as the teen is less likely to act out if they are being taped, the media outlet reports.

There is also software that allows a parent to look at the driving history at a later date. It measures speed, acceleration and braking. This information can also be used to cut down on insurance costs.

Parents may also want to ensure that there is no one else in the car with their kid. According to TIME magazine, a recent study conducted by the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and State Farm insurance looked into the impact of a teen having a friend in the car with them. The findings showed that the majority of female and male drivers who were in serious car accidents were distracted by a friend in the car prior to the accident.

Many parents may want to take some of these precautions so their child can experience the freedom of driving without risking their life.



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