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Parents should be aware of various cyberbullying methods


It is no secret cyberbullying has become a serious issue among middle and high school students, and parents are doing what they can do avoid it. Some parents have implemented parental monitoring systems into their child’s cell phone and computer to see if they are victims of bullying or even the person who is bullying. However, one thing a parent needs to be aware of is different types of cyberbullying to better protect their kids.

“Today, cyberbullied victims and cyberbully abusers live in a pediatric sphere,” said Dr. Michel Nuccitelli of iPredator Inc. “Tomorrow, those same children become adults armed with advanced Information and Communications Technology skills and a disconnected sense of discouragement. How unfortunate society becomes.”

Exclusion is one of the most common forms of cyberbullying, where a few kids will intentionally leave a person out by posting a series of social activities online without the person. Flaming occurs when a lot of people can see what the person is writing to another, and the bully is using profane or vulgar language while being mean to the victim.

Outing is another popular form of cyberbullying, in which the bully posts something personal about the victim for the public to see. This usually results in a great number of the victim’s peers seeing the information and can lead to more abuse.

Email threats and harassment are more serious, since the bully is directly communicating with the victim, and it is usually persistent. Phishing occurs when a bully befriends the child for a time being and gets the personal information they need to hack on to the victim’s accounts, and possibly ruin the person’s profile. Impersonation is very common with the internet, as it can be easy for a kid to fall victim to a student acting like another person.

Denigration happens both in classic bullying and on the internet, as the bully starts false rumors and gossip about a person that can really harm their reputation and make it difficult for the child to go to school. Image and video use is probably the most scary among cyberbullying techniques, as embarrassing photos are quickly spread in schools or put on YouTube.


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