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Online Threats Faced by Children and How to Deal with Them


Technological landscape has completely changed over the last few years. Kids are handed over smartphones at a fairly early age, and they succumb to problems that were not as common before.

Cyberbullying was a major problem but it never rose to the level it is today. Porn addiction was restricted to adults before but now more and more kids are becoming its victim. Online predators now lurk online, looking to find gullible targets. Drug and alcohol usage amongst kids is at its highest level.

Online threats have brought a lot of problems for our current generation. However, being parents, you have the power to keep your children safe. But even you cannot do this alone. You will need help from a monitoring app that lets you keep an eye on your kids’ smartphone activities.

By seeing and knowing what’s going on in your kids’ life, you will be able to save them from a whole lot of trouble. Safe upbringing of your child should be your first priority and the only way to achieve that in the modern day is by knowing what they are up to.

If they are about to do something wrong, you will know about it through a monitoring app and will be able to stop them. If they are getting involved in something they shouldn’t, you can help them. The bottom line is that the advantages of monitoring solutions are endless, and they are the only way to keep your kids safe from the online threats in the present scenario.

Now that we have established how important these tools are, it’s time to discuss the best apps for this job. We don’t want you to settle for mediocrity. This is why we have outlined two of the best monitoring tools to make your life easy.


Mobistealth is all in one type of monitoring tool as it provides you with everything you need. It gives you access to your child’s call records, lets you record calls, lets you see entire conversations taking place through SMS, WhatsApp, Kik, LINE, Viber, and Skype, and much more.

One of the most exciting features of Mobistealth is its SMS location tracking. As soon as your kids receive or send a message, their location is updated on the dashboard. This way you can always know where your kids are without worrying about a thing. That’s not all though as Mobistealth also allows you to see the browsing history of your child.

Moreover, all videos and pictures available in their smartphone gallery are visible to you as well. Once installed on your kids’ phone, you will be able to see all of their smartphone activity, hence keeping you informed about everything at all times. This information will help you keep your kids safe from all sorts of online woes.


Mobile-Spy offers most of the features that Mobistealth contains, but its best feature has to be YouTube monitoring. Kids are very much into YouTube, especially the younger ones. You hand them smartphone so they stay busy, but sooner or later, they end up watching something that’s not suitable for their age. With Mobile-Spy, however, things will change as you will be able to see each and every video that your kids watch and if it includes something that shouldn’t be there, then you should block that particular video or channel immediately.

Other than YouTube monitoring, Mobile-Spy comes with call logging, SMS logging, the ability to see instant messaging apps, browser history logging, traditional GPS location tracking, and pictures/videos logging. As you can see, most of the features are almost the same because these two monitoring apps are the best in the bunch. If one doesn’t do the trick for you, then you can try the other one without worrying about a thing because they are both equally helpful.


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