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Online Snooping: Moral Evil but a Common Practice


Online spying is becoming a norm these days as an increasing amount of people are trying to expose others or to find their weaknesses by snooping on their digital life and data. The worrisome part is that even the fact that it is unethical and immoral doesn’t discourage them, with the practice of spying on a constant rise. Let’s delve deeper into the issue of people, including us, spying on each other online.

The Underlying Motives Behind Spying

It’s quite normal to feel curious about others, their lives, their ugly secrets, their lies, and much more, but converting this curiosity into an obsession is not acceptable. Unfortunately, most of the people are so anxious to know about their friends, colleagues, boss and even partners that they start spying on them in a hope of finding something unusual, an untold secret, or a lie. Parents spy on their kids, employers spy on their employees, and partners spy on each other just for the sake of knowing the unknown and then using it as a tool for satisfaction, control, and quite possibly exploitation. Sometimes they themselves do not really know what they are looking for. They simply indulge in the act thinking that it is their right.

Gives a Sense of Powerful

People spy on others despite the fact that it is unethical mainly because getting to know other’s secrets makes them feel superior to them. The fact that they know every little secret of others, even their most private things, is itself fulfilling. People with evil intentions spy on others with the purpose of getting to know about their weaknesses in order to exploit and control them. This practice is particularly common in business settings where employers use spying tools to keep an eye on their employees without letting them know. This of course is a clear violation of their rights.

Kills Others Privacy

Online spying shreds the privacy of people into tiny little pieces as it allows anyone to know anything about their target, including their personal information, financial information, business information, etc. In other words, the latter is fully exposed. A large number of businesses have lost their secrets to spying. Not only has this, spying has also ruined a lot of homes by creating misconceptions or sowing seeds of discord among partners. Playing with the privacy of people is highly unethical and immoral. Reading someone’s emails and text messages, checking their browsing history, going through their images, or sneaking into their laptop is extremely unethical, even if someone tries to justify this by stating that they’re just being protective. No one wants others to know about their private life. Unfortunately, snoops are simply failing to get the message.