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NSA: From Security Provider To Cell Phone Tracker


Cell phone tracker and spy software have been traditionally associated with hackers, malware, Trojans and what not. However, in light of the NSA blowout we’re now finding that tracking is something even the government is involved in. According to reports the National Security Agency (NSA) has been spying on US citizens all in the name of national security. Originally established to spy on foreign intelligence agencies like ISI, RAW and MOSAD, the NSA is instead choosing to monitor the American public instead!
What can it do? For starters it can easily spy on internet traffic related to Google, log telephone calls complete with duration and time and even allegedly track the whereabouts of a cellular device even when its switched off. What’s worse is that all telecom companies are assisting the agency in their surveillance goals. Our infographic presents a few stats on Verizon to explain how dire the situation is.
The government at this point has offered up the Section 215 of the Patriot Act as a defense for tracking its own people. Check out our infographic and let us know how you feel about the NSA’s spying. Would you give up on privacy in favour of security? Or have the NSA folks crossed a line?


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