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Motivating Your Employees with a Reward System


It doesn’t matter how evolving your workplace is, it is bound to get stagnant at one point or another. People will always fall into routine because that’s how humans are, they adjust to the change, and then it becomes their regular routine. This has been going on in every single business since the dawn of time, and falling in routine isn’t bad at all. However, the only problem is, it takes the fun out of the job. People start to feel that they are doing the same thing over and over again, and it is just not as appealing to them as it was in the beginning. This is where they need motivation and although it can be provided in multiple ways, the best way to go about it is setting up a reward system. A reward system goes a long way in keeping the employees engaged especially if that reward system is reliable and actually compensates the people who put in hard work. It is near impossible to craft a completely transparent system, but we can get something close to it with the help of monitoring solutions.

Monitoring Solutions

Monitoring tools in businesses aren’t anything new, but they have rarely been used as a reward system. Companies only use them to keep an eye on their workforce and that’s about it. Monitoring solutions are capable of so much more and if utilized wisely, they can turn into one of the most reliable reward systems. With these tools, you basically have an eye on every single one of your employees, you can see what they are doing, how much work they are putting, how much of their time is being wasted, etc. You have every bit of information you’ll need. Now, all you have to do is gather all of this data to get yourself a reward system. The method of starting a reward system has been explained below.

Reward System

With monitoring tools, you can see what your employees are up to at all times. The first thing you have to do is get rid of employees that waste a large chunk of their time in the workplace. There is no place for them as they only encourage other people to do the same. Penalizing time wasters will not only rid of bad employees, but it will also serve as a lesson to other employees as they will know that you’re watching their every move and will most likely keep their focus on assigned tasks. This is where you can turn the monitoring tool into a reward system. Only punishing people for not working will not do you any favors in the long run. You need to make it so that the people who are putting in extra work get rewarded for their effort. Once everyone sees that you are watching them and are compensating anyone who works hard, then every single individual would give their 100%. This will improve the overall synergy in the company and will help it grow at a faster rate.