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The ‘Morally Correct’ Way to Use a Monitoring Software


Not too long ago, monitoring software were close to non-existent, but with the dawn of digital age, the monitoring software have become a necessity. Now, these software are being commonly used in businesses and at homes. Employers are using surveillance software to keep tabs on their employees’ online activities while parents want to make sure that the upbringing of their kids isn’t affected in any way by the negative influence of internet. However, in the midst of all this digital supervision, we sometimes forget the right way to use monitoring software, and opt for unethical ways. There are some moral measures you should take before keeping a digital eye on your kids or employees, some of which are outlined in this article.

Tell Them You Are Monitoring Them

If you are monitoring your employees or kids through some software, then it is your responsibility to tell them about it. If you don’t disclose it to your employees or kids, and they find out about it from some other way, then you will have yourself in an extremely complicated situation. There are strict laws on invading someone’s privacy and employees can file a lawsuit against you as you were spying on them without their consent. Parents, who are monitoring their kids out of genuine concern lose their children’s respect altogether if they discover that they were being spied on. It’s a very delicate matter and should be communicated properly to the people who are involved in it.

Keep the Information to Yourself

In businesses, employers’ sole purpose of installing a digital monitoring solution on employees’ computers is to ensure that they spend their time working. However, more often than not, employers will come upon some personal information regarding one of their employees, and that is where they have to ensure that the newly found information stays safe. This information must be kept hidden from everyone in the workplace, and it shouldn’t be used to exploit or manipulate the employees in any way.

Don’t Pry

Digital surveillance tools do give users a whole lot of control, but that does not mean you can cross the line. You should just make sure that your kids are not being attacked online or your employees aren’t engaging in activities that threaten the smooth working or even survival of your business. No matter how much control you are given through these software, you must stay focused on the task at hand. If your employees or your kids find out that you have been digging deep in their personal lives, then things will not end well. The kids will start to look for ways to sneak past your supervision, whereas the employees will start to look for another job where there’s no spying going on.

Monitoring technology has its benefits, but they can only amount to something if you use them sensibly. If the intentions of users are pure, then surely the outcome will come out positive as well.


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