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A Guide to Password Protection for Your Safety

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Your password is the key to life online, so to speak. Not keeping your passwords safe and secure doesn’t just mean the loss of your data from one account, it could mean the potential infiltration into a plethora of your devices and accounts if you use the same passwords all over the place – as most people do.

So, you can do some things to make sure your password is protected. Along with using the right monitoring tools, you must follow these steps for password protection.

The First Step

Before you do anything else first make sure that the password you have created is a strong one. If this is not the case then it may not matter how careful you are about keeping it secure.

A strong password will typically have capital letters, numbers and characters, so that it is harder to hack and it isn’t as easy to crack.

Securing The Key

Passwords, despite how strong they are, will be of no use if you share them with anyone else. Many people don’t realize that they can easily get hacked if their password is with someone else.

Do not relay your details in an email or through a text message because they do not have the level of security needed to keep them out of prying hands.

Don’t Repeat

Never use the same password twice. This seems like extremely difficult advice to follow but it is really good advice. We have seen countless accounts getting compromised because of a good password that was cracked on an insecure website.

So, while you might not care that your gaming account got hacked, you will care when the same password is used to login to your bank details.

Revisit Often

Make sure that you change your password after every few months. That way you can ensure that you update your information and security and keep yourself safe.

If you think that an account has been compromised in anyway make sure that you change your password immediately. This is a good practice when trying to keep unwanted hackers and scammers out of your personal information.

Don’t Be Specific

One extremely disastrous way to get hacked is by using actual answers to security questions. This can help someone get access to your account and override the protection of your password itself.

For instance, if you answer “yes, I’m a cat” to “what’s your mother’s name” there is no way someone can hack into your account.

The recent nude pictures scandal has some speculation that the accounts of many stars were compromised through this method alone.

Phishing for Proof

Phishing scams are the most popular way for people to get hacked these days. You can easily lose your personal details and information by clicking on a link pretending to be your official account from a bank or Amazon for instance, and then running off with your password.

The one thing you should do is double check anytime you get a prompt and confirm with an official on whether they ever sent the request to begin with. Our passwords are the most overlooked things ever, however, they can turn our entire world upside down online.

Last but not least, you can also use monitoring tools such as Mobistealth to protect your digital life.

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