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Monitoring Solutions Can be Used to Stop Time Wasters in the Workplace


Time wasting has always been a huge problem in the workplaces, but it has been taken to a whole new level since the arrival of social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Now, people are spending a large chunk of their time on these sites instead of focusing on the assigned tasks. This obviously affects the amount of effort they put it, and it ultimately reflects on the overall performance of the company. This type of employees are contagious – when other people see that a particular person is wasting their time and is not being punished for it, then they begin to do the same. This becomes a regular thing at work and it is the overall performance of the company that takes a huge hit because of it. It’s not easy to find out which of the employees are wasting their time in the workplace and which of them are actually focused on the given tasks. Fortunately, there are monitoring solutions available throughout the web, which can help you find both categories of employees quite immediately.

Monitoring Solutions

Monitoring solutions allow you, as an employer to keep tabs on what your workforce is doing at all times. You can see what they are doing, what kind of sites they are visiting, who they are talking to, etc. Basically, you get to see each and everything they get to do. With these tools in hand, it will be much easier to know which of your employees are just wasting their time. You get regular updates on what your workforce is up to and if you see that one of your employees is visiting non-work related websites all the time, then it is time for them to get punished. Offering leeway in some forms can be allowed, but not in this case because as discussed above, this kind of behavior is contagious and if not nipped in the bud, it will only spread and more of your workforce will delve into time wasting. So, you should penalize the time wasters as harshly as you can.

Serve as a Lesson

The severity of punishment would serve as a lesson for other employees as they will realize that their activity is constantly being monitored and if they waste too much of their time, they will get penalized as well. Harsher the punishment, the better overall impact it will have. You don’t want your workforce getting out of your hand, which is why actions like this are mandatory every now and then. Improving performance of the company should be your ultimate goal, and if you have to take some drastic measures to make it happen, then do so. You, as an employer, are in charge of what happens in your firm and if you don’t take steps to ensure the consistency of performance, then you will lag behind in the market, and you certainly wouldn’t want that to happen.


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