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Monitoring Software in Workplace Makes Female Employees Feel Safer


Workplace harassment isn’t an uncommon issue, and quite often, it’s women who find themselves on the receiving end of it. This has naturally led to an increase in fear among the fairer gender as they are now forced to give up on wonderful employment opportunities or quit an otherwise perfectly good job because of concerns about their security. This is especially true of companies where the ratio of men to women employees is ridiculously unbalanced. In order to remove some of these fears and make women feel safer at work, a lot of employers are turning to technology for help. Deployment of monitoring software in the workplace is becoming increasingly common, and judging from the impact, it seems to be the right way to go about tackling the harassment issue. There are various reasons why this approach is proving so successful. Some of these reasons are elaborated below.

Keeping an Eye on Emails

Email is an essential communication channel in workplaces, but it also frequently finds itself right in the middle of a harassment situation because the act is carried out through it. The perpetrator chooses the email service to send offensive messages and images to the target to intimidate, threaten, or insult her, or to simply get a good laugh. Since the offender is smart enough to hide behind an anonymous identity, it becomes difficult for the victim or the workplace management to apprehend the offender. To counter this problem, employers are choosing to install a monitoring software on all workplace computers as it allows them to keep an eye on all emails exchange. This makes it easier for them to detect and access a harassment situation, and get to the offender.

Monitoring Skype Chats

Skype is gradually becoming a more popular platform for communication than email in the workplace. A lot of official conversations are beginning to take place via this Microsoft-owned service. Unfortunately, some men use it to disturb and emotionally torment their female colleagues. Despite being told off, they fail to get the message and continue pestering their target. To keep the target from informing the management of the ongoing problem, they warn of dire consequences. This is a worrisome situation that needs to be detected and tackled as soon as possible. Again, monitoring software comes in real handy as it lets employers keep tabs on all Skype conversations. Anyone who targets female employees can be caught and exposed almost immediately, and then dealt with accordingly.

Logging Keystrokes

There is always a likelihood that the harassment may be taking place through channels other than email and Skype. To stay on top of the situation in such a scenario, keystroke logging is the key. By recording the keystrokes made by the offender, monitoring software makes it easier for the employers to figure out who was responsible for harassment and confront that person with evidence. For female employees, this comes as a huge relief as they no longer have to live in fear of being subjected to harassment by their male colleagues.