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How Monitoring Skype in the Workplace Can Improve Employee Efficiency


In work environments, regular ways of communications like social networking platforms, smartphones, and chatting platforms are frowned upon. Only acceptable way to talk to each other is through a single approved medium, which in many workplaces happens to be Skype. However, some employees misuse this privilege as well and keep on talking to their colleagues or even their friends and family through the VoIP and chat platform. People like these waste their own time and the time of the person they are talking to. When people aren’t focused on the assigned tasks, it affects the overall performance of the company, which just isn’t acceptable. You as an employer certainly shouldn’t tolerate this in your company, which is why it is advised that you start monitoring their Skype usage as it’ll help discourage them from wasting their time on it. Now the main question is that how can you keep tabs on your employees’ Skype usage?

Monitoring Software is the Key

To resolve the issue of Skype abuse in the workplace, you’ll need to get help from monitoring solutions like Mobistealth. Such tools enable you to read each and every message being sent and received over the communication platform, allowing you to identify time wasters. Once you have this information, you can do whatever you want with it. You can either use it to penalize the person responsible, or you can ignore it completely, depending on the situation and the extent of time wastage. The thing that is most important is that you do not stay in the dark about what’s happening right under your nose.

How Monitoring Skype Can Raise Efficiency

Now that we are done with the first part, which was how to monitor Skype, now the question arises how reading other people’s Skype chats helps in getting your employees to perform better? Well, the answer is pretty simple. Once you know which one of your employees are messaging excessively on Skype, you just have to punish them in one way or another. It doesn’t have to be too harsh. It can be a warning as well, but you do have to let them know that you’re watching. Once the thought of you watching their activity goes into their head, they will start focusing on their work. Some of them will to do it because they don’t want to lose their job, whereas others will start working harder, hoping that they will get rewarded for their hard work. Both cases create win-win scenarios for you both as they help raise the overall efficiency of employees on one hand, whereas on the other hand, it boosts the overall performance of business