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Monitoring Kids’ Photos and Videos: The Why and How Explained


You buy your kids a smartphone, thinking it’s an essential in today’s day and age. However, one thing you don’t do is keep an eye on what your kids do on these smartphones after you’ve bought them one. You think they’re grown up and will not do anything rash, but that’s not the case. Kids will always be kids, and if you really want to protect them, then you need to start keeping an eye on their smartphone activities, especially their photos and videos.

Why Photos and Videos?

Almost every single smartphone out there come with a built-in camera that allows you to take incredible pictures and make some fun videos. Kids have a tendency to go a bit overboard after gaining access to their own personal camera and in order to gain some attention or appreciation, they start taking and sharing revealing photos and videos of themselves. This of course can lead to a whole lot of problems for them. As you may already know, almost every single social networking platform out there is public, so everything that is being uploaded can be seen by anyone. People can get their hands on them and then they are free to misuse these images and videos, and once the situation gets this bad, there’s nothing you can do to reverse it. To prevent things from getting to this point, you must take a proactive approach and monitor the photos and videos lying in your kids’ smartphone media folder.

How to Monitor Mobile Photos?

There’s an app for everything nowadays, which means that there is an app for monitoring on pictures as well. Mobistealth is a huge, and perhaps the best example of it. You can just download this app on to your kids’ phone to gain access to all of their images. By keeping an eye on their pictures, you can easily know if they are taking inappropriate pictures and get them to stop. Furthermore, knowing that their smartphone’s media folder is being monitored, kids will refrain from taking any picture that can put them in trouble.

How to Monitor Mobile Videos?

You can use Mobistealth to keep tabs on videos as well. The process is more or less the same. Just download it on your kids’ device and you’re set. Go through all the videos available in the media gallery and see if there’s something that can do even the slightest bit of damage, and ask your kids to delete them right away. Also let them know that you’re keeping an eye on their mobile usage, so they better behave.

The use of Mobistealth alone will not suffice as it’s more of a facilitator than an alternative to parenting. You need to sit down with your kids and explain to them how risqué photos and videos can create serious complications in their lives. Let them know of the many dangers associated with sharing revealing photos using examples of real-life incidents so that they know you are not just scaring them, but are actually telling them the truth.


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