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How Monitoring Emails Can Help Secure Company’s Critical Information


Before we start talking about monitoring employee emails, let’s quickly talk about such a discussion is even taking place. It’s a fact that every company has some unique feature, skill, product, or process that helps keep it afloat in the competitive market. Of course your organization must have one too. This uniqueness is the source of competitive advantage for the company, and employers all over the world will do everything in their power to keep it out of their competitors’ reach. On the other hand, competitive employers will do everything in their power to take that competitive advantage away from you.

How Sensitive Data May Be Leaked?

Your competitors are more than likely to gain this information through one of your employees, who might send them an email containing all the crucial information. Now you must be wondering, there are tons of ways to communicate, so why would the employees only use emails to exchange the critical information with the competitors?

The first and perhaps the biggest reason behind it is the easy access to emails in the workplace. An employee can just pretend to be sending a very important email related to work, but in reality, they could be sending critical information to your competitors. As soon as they know what your uniqueness is, they will exploit it and might end up creating something that’s better than yours, leaving you and your company behind. Knowing that, it is advised that you keep tabs on your employees’ email exchanges so that you know about each and every email that enters or leaves the workplace.

Why Would Employees Betray You?

You cannot trust anyone these days because harsh as it sounds, you can’t expect anyone to put your interests before theirs. If your competitors give them an offer which could help them in a big way, then they things like morality and conscience are unlikely to make them refuse.


If you lose your unique source of competitive advantage, then you and your company are likely to find it difficult to survive. However, it is easier said than done because once you lose your competitive edge, you are required to make a lot of decisions really fast, and in that haste, you are more than likely to spend your resources on the wrong horse, and see yourself and your company nosedive.

Mitigate Risk of Data Leakage

First of all, you should have a monitoring system in place, especially for the emails. You need to be keeping an eye on what your employees are sending and receiving via email. It may seem like a really boring process, and even an invasion of privacy, but you have to take into account the potential consequences of letting an email containing sensitive information leave the workplace. That one email can literally bring your company to its knees. So save yourself and your company a whole lot of hassle and get help from monitoring solutions before it’s too late.