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Why Do You Need to Monitor Kids' WhatsApp?

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Kids of this era are stubborn and hard to deal with it. Especially when they want to use smartphones and the internet, it is very hard to stop them. You cannot tell them not to use a smartphone, instead, you should do something about preventing any dangers that could happen.


Kids don’t know about the dangers of using social media and the internet as they want to explore everything that they can to get entertained and they take advantage of unsupervised internet access.


For parents, it is hard to see them using the internet relentlessly, but there is no way to stop and even if you manage to stop them authoritatively, they will end up doing it anyway but this time, they will start hiding things from you. 


No parents want their kids to hide things from them, but they do want them to be safe and secure. First of all, parents need to leave this obsession of stopping kids from using the internet and social media. This obsession is creating a big generation gap thus making them so distant from kids.


You don’t want that to happen to your relationship with your kids. That is why you should let them use social media but pursue kids monitoring alongside. Kids monitoring is the new and smart way of dealing with your kids without actually interfering in their life. 


When Should You Monitor Your Kids’ WhatsApp?

WhatsApp might seem like a simpler app but it has much more dangers associated with it. When kids use it excessively, they might get involved in the things like cyberbullying, sexting, and fake relationships.


Though it might start as simpler chats and calls, soon other things kick in and turn these simple things into danger for the kids. Kids don’t realize it at the start, but when they do, it is too late to do anything. 


For the parents, it is important to know when their kid is in trouble or indulged in something wrong. Here are some of the signs that you can notice to see if your kid is into something unusual. 


Yes, social media and internet use are also an addiction just like substance addiction. It has similar effects on the mental health of kids as any other addiction. You will see them checking up on their phone all the time, you find them using their phones even when they are supposed to sleep, they cannot spend a little time without touching their phone, and most importantly, when they are asked to put it down, they become aggressive and rude. Parental control software are necessary in such cases.


Do they turn down their phone when you enter the room? Do they not let anyone touch their phones? Do they become secretive when you try to change things in their room? If yes, then there is something wrong with them.


They are hiding things from you and those are not the good things. You need to figure out what they have been doing without hurting them. Kids monitoring tools let you do that without actually interrupting anything in their routine and life.  

Anti-social Behavior

As time goes on, if they get addicted to their phones, they will refuse to go to any social gatherings too. You will find them too much indulged in their phones. They don’t play and go out with their friends anymore, they don’t talk to people much, they don’t share their opinions on important matters, and they usually stay silent in important discussions too.


It is all because they think that they don’t belong to this world anymore, and the life they have on social media is the real one. 


Though the use of the internet and social media bring pleasure and fun to the kids it doesn’t stay like that. As time moves on, they get tired of using the internet too much, or they end up being betrayed.


Either way, you will find them depressed and not interested in anything. You can see signs of depression in their daily routine and you need to do something about it. They will not share anything with you because they know that you will either scold them or stop them from using smartphones. 

Using Kids Monitoring Tools

If you are seeing these signs in your kids, it is time to change that. You should use kids monitoring tools to help your kids, to get them back to life, and to know their troubles. Mobistealth is the best monitoring tool that you can use to protect your kids, monitor them, and help them deal with things in a better way. 


Also, along with monitoring them, you should talk to them, guide them, and be there for them. They need someone they can rely on, not someone who scolds them all the time. Switch your parenting to smart parenting and be there for them when they need you the most. 


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