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Learn Social Media Monitoring with Mobistealth

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Monitoring and spying have become an important part of the everyday life of most people. Where it is helping people sort out their relationships, protecting their kids, and making sure everyone is using it right, other people don’t even know the benefits of social media monitoring.

Where media and the internet are great ways of having fun, getting entertained, and learning about new things. They are equally dangerous and unhealthy too if used the wrong way. So, let’s get forward and see how social media can be dangerous for its users and how can you protect your loved ones especially your kids from it.

Social media is the platform where people get to connect and have fun, but there are a lot of other things that can induce the bad in people. Especially it is not a great platform for kids who have just joined it for the fun that they see other people having.

Since they have no idea how to separate right from wrong in such a glamourous world, they end up being dragged to the dark side and that can ruin their life.

Where most of the parents don’t believe it, they must look around and see the number of cases that have been reported in the last few years reporting self-harming behaviors in the kids who faced horrible things on the internet and social media.

This is the time to use this awareness the right way and protect your kids while allowing them to have fun as well. You shouldn’t stop them from using social media and messaging apps instead, you should monitor them so that you can know on the side what they are doing there.

How is Social Media Dangerous for the Kids?

Where most of the parents believe that their kids can handle everything on their own, here are a few things that they need to know and that are related to the wrong use of social media either by the kids or someone else:


This is something that kids do to the other kids. When they get tired of the bullying at their schools, or they get no benefit from it, they turn towards social media to make it worse. Social media gives them the platform to humiliate each other, embarrass each other through the use of secrets and humiliating content.

This is not just fun anymore. Cyberbullying has gone to the extent where kids have even committed suicide because of the humiliation they faced on social media. When kids value social media, they make it their second world and anything bad that happens hurts them real.


One thing that social media monitoring allows you to do is control screen time. Kids are getting addicted to their phones and social media because of the fantasy and glamour it brings to them. This addiction is similar to that of drug addiction as it produces the same hormones in the brain.

This addition can get worse and make your kid dependent on it. You can see how your kid doesn’t like to meet anyone, talk to new people, or make a relationship. They have got everything covered on social media and that makes the situation covered. This addiction can have a really bad impact on their personalities.


If you don’t know it yet, you must widen your resources and see that social media is a great platform for predators. They are using this platform to trap new and innocent kids, to make them do terrible things, and to blackmail them.

This can easily start with a nice chat where they try to be nice to the kids, be their well-wishers, and sometimes, take out the most important information from them too. If all goes well for them, they can then blackmail your kid or even get to your home. It is time not to let that happen through the use of monitoring.

If you monitor their chats, you can figure out what to do if you see suspicious chats and do something about it. These chats often start as fun but the most important and suspicious part is when they try to get information as much as they can. This is where you need to dig in to figure things.

The Use of Monitoring App

When you decide to monitor your kids, you must use the most efficient monitoring tool to make sure it works at the time when you need it the most. For this purpose, you should use the most trustworthy tool, Mobistealth, which is liked by several people for several purposes. Use this monitoring app for your benefit and learn the right way of protecting your kids.

Using Mobistealth is an important thing to do, but along with it, you must talk to your kids as well. Guide them through right and wrong and don’t try to get over their head most of the time. You need to tell them about how social media is dangerous and how should they use it the right way.

Also, tell them that you are there for them whenever they need it so that they can come to you if anything goes wrong. You need to earn their trust so that they can share their stress with you as sometimes, social media is more depressing than fun. Being a good parent is about protecting your kids along with communicating with them at your best.

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