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What Makes Mobistealth the Best iPhone Surveillance App


Mobistealth has always been used by iOS users for keeping tabs on others’ activities, but lately, the app’s popularity and usage has almost doubled due to newly added features.

Usually, when new features are added in apps, they don’t really work as intended and need a ton of updates to perform perfectly. However, with Mobistealth for iOS, literally, no problem occurred. All of the newly added features were in the beta for quite some time and developers only released them when they were ready, hence providing a premium experience for the users.

The best part about these features is that they are not just lackluster additions. Instead, it’s the complete opposite. The newly added features really enhance the surveillance experience for iOS users. This is the main reason why so many parents and businesses are putting their faith in it.

If you aren’t familiar with the app’s latest features, don’t fret because we have outlined all of them below.

No Jailbreak Requirement

Most of the monitoring solutions out there require you to jailbreak your device just to run their apps. Losing warranty and security just because of one app just doesn’t make any sense.

People at Mobistealth took notice of the reservations that people had with this prerequisite and thus launched a jailbreak-free version of their product This means that you will be able to benefit the monitoring solution on anyone’s iPhone without needing to jailbreak it.

This is a huge deal because most of the apps of this kind aren’t usually allowed on a non-jailbreak device, but with Mobistealth, you can achieve this feat rather easily.

Call Recording

When you are keeping tabs on someone, you can’t rely on messages only as they can be quite cryptic. However, when you listen to someone speaking, then that’s when you really hear their accent, attitude, language, the way of speaking, etc.

Realizing this, Mobistealth started working on the call recording feature and it has finally been added to the arsenal. The best part about this newly added feature is that it works flawlessly, which means that you don’t have to worry about distortion or any other problem. The sound quality is close to perfect. Everything the person says on the phone is recorded and you’re able to listen to it at your convenience.

Instant Messaging Apps Logging

Instant messaging apps have become quite common these days. Everyone is using them to communicate with one another almost all the time. Most popular chat apps include Skype, Viber, WhatsApp, Kik, and LINE.

Mobistealth allows you to read entire conversations taking place on them. Now this is a huge help especially for the parents who want to see what their kids are up to on messaging apps. They usually abuse and send stuff that is not appropriate for their age.

With Mobistealth, however, they will be able to see each and everything that is being sent and received through the mentioned messaging platforms.