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Mobistealth for Android Just Got Better


Mobistealth was already a force to be reckoned with, but now it has been taken to a whole new level. A ton of new features has been added, making it an ideal choice for people looking for a monitoring solution. Previously, it allowed you to read text messages, record calls, view pictures and videos, check location through GPS, and check app list among other things. However, the team behind Mobistealth didn’t just stop there. It has now made enough new additions to make it one of the most feature-rich monitoring app for Android in the market. Some of the major additions done in the last few months have been outlined below.

Location Tracking through SMS

Usually, the location tracking is done through GPS, but Mobistealth for Android takes it a step further by providing locations through text messages. As soon as SMS is sent through the device you are tracking, you will be able to know its location. This is an amazing feature and can’t be found anywhere else. If you are interested in keeping track of someone, like your kids, then Mobistealth is your best option. Even if they disable GPS, you will still be able to know their location through SMS tracking.

Instant Messaging Apps Monitoring

Basic text logging is pretty much offered by every monitoring app, but mobile chat apps are often ignored. This is quite surprising, especially when one takes their excessive use into consideration. Mobistealth noticed the void and decided to do it itself. Now with the help of this app, you can see all the chats taking place on Skype, WhatsApp, and Viber. All three of these are amongst the most used instant messaging platforms, so being able to keep an eye on them certainly helps.

Browser History Logging

You could always keep tabs on browser history but now this feature has received a major overhaul. Previously, it didn’t provide all the data you were looking for, which made things a bit difficult. However, that has all changed in the recent updates. Now each and every website visited is recorded accurately and all the data is provided to you right on your Mobistealth dashboard. This means that you won’t even have to navigate through menus anymore to get the information you want, which is a huge help.

Surround Recording

Call recording was already available in Mobistealth for Android, but now it also allows surround sound. This feature allows you to hear each and everything that’s happening on the device. For example, if it is installed on your kid’s smartphone, then you will be able to hear what’s being said in the room they’re in. Surround recording can also prove extremely valuable in emergency or kidnapping situations as it can let you or the law enforcement agencies (LEAs) to quickly get to the tracked device and hence the person or child.