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Mobile Payments to Get Security Reboot with iWatch


Rumor has it that Apple is going to be upping the ante on the iWatch in ways that will make it the hottest thing to hit the market in 2014 and the next year. In the world of smartphones and tablets it was only going to be a short while before we moved onto other smart devices, which brings us to the iWatch. While it seems like the logical next step for most users, many aren’t convinced that they need it.

Apple Sweetens the Deal

As with all things tech, you decide that you need them much later than you are convinced that you can’t live without them. The iWatch is no different. And how is Apple going to make sure that we can’t live without it? Well simply by eliminating risk from mobile payments. Voila. Think about it, as the world gets increasingly digitized by each passing moment we have to turn to digital solutions for privacy and safety. If our gadgets can perform these functions then all the better. With the iWatch Apple will be debuting a new form of two-factor authentication.

Payments Are Tricky

Near Field Communications (NFC) has made life easier for us by a long shot. What if you could use it to actually make your payments? There would no need to sign in and provide your identification. No hassle and no long process to actually get a payment done in real time without having to pull cash from the atm. It sounds like a dream to most people. What Apple basically doing is making it easier to complete payments through the iWatch. It plans to make mobile payments as easy as ABC by letting users pay for things without having to actually go through any security checks.

Apple demoed a video which shows us a mom taking care of her baby while paying her bill, without actually falling all over herself or getting stuck with a purse. It seems convenient, easy and safe.

Tougher Competition

There are plenty of smartwatches in the market with major tech firms bringing out the big guns to try and grab the largest chunks of the market share. Unfortunately, most of these releases failed to capture the interest or imagination of any of the people that they were aimed at. The main reason being that a person’s phone has already been doing most of the stuff the water is offering to do (yes, including telling the time!). Apple has a new take on the situation. On their own both the iPhone and iWatch maybe just gadgets but when they come together they can produce perfection. You can’t pay your bills with just your phone, and your iWatch can’t do it either without your phone.

If anyone could have put a spin on this it was Apple, the company has a long standing history of creating devices that keep people glued in. from the iPod to the iPad to the MacBook, they have managed to create a cult following out of delivering a combination of what people want and need. In essence, iWatch’s two factor authentication filled punch just might be the thing which will push the smartwatch into actual stardom.


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