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Mobile payments: How safe are they?


It seems as though cell phones can do pretty much everything nowadays, as people are able to talk to others across the globe, get directions, find the best place for coffee and now even use them like a credit card. Mobile payments have been growing in popularity, but many are wondering how safe it truly is.

Payments on the move never been easier

Even though mobile payments are not as popular yet in the U.S., residents in the U.K. can’t get enough. The new O2 Wallet is out this week for U.K. users, and this online platform not only lets people making mobile payments, but also allows for people to transfer money with ease, according to The Independent.

There is also the Barclays PingIt application, which allows users to send and receive money by using a mobile number. The app also supports contactless card payments, enabling a user to tap their phone on a payment device in various stores to pay.

Questions about the safety of these on-the-go payments arise

Mobile payments are on the rise, and some may feel more at ease when they discover that these payments are quite secure. In fact, it may be even safer than a credit card, due to the GPS on the phone and people rarely let their cell phones out of their sights, according to U.S. News and World Report.

All an individual has to do is put their debit or credit card information on the phone and the device is scanned at checkout. This convenience will undoubtedly cause more people to opt for mobile payments.

Tips to keep mobile accounts secure

Even though these mobile payments are generally safe, there are a few tips users can take into account. The news source reports it’s always wise to have a PIN on the cell phone, as it gives just a little added protection. The individual can also get an application that gives automatic electronic receipts, so if their account has been tampered with, the user will know right off the bat.

In addition, choosing a method that gives two passwords to access the information is a good idea. Checking statements on a regular basis can help stop criminals as well, the media outlet reports.

Those who still feel uneasy about having everything on their mobile device can opt for cell phone tracking software, which will let the owner see exactly what people access if it was lost or stolen.