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Malware Threat Reduced Overall, But Hackers Have Gotten Smarter


Malware has always been a huge threat, but at one point it really peaked. Almost every hacker (a harmless generalization of course) was sneaking into personal devices of internet users and taking scooping up their personal information. Antivirus sure helped in mitigating the threat, thus providing the much-needed relief to those exercising complete abstinence from the internet. Unfortunately, hackers didn’t give up. They started to come up with new ways to penetrate or hijack people’s digital devices, and they have been able to do it quite successfully since then. Even with stellar security measures, developers all over the world have a hard time keeping their platforms malware-free. It’s just not that easy of a task anymore. A new malware report does offer some consolation by highlighting a decline in malware, but unfortunately, it follows it up with an alarming observation.

Malware Report a Mixed Bag

The report indicates that the malware threat has reduced, but hackers have grown even more ominous than before. Previously, it was easy to detect malware and get rid of it before it could do any serious damage. However, that is no longer the case as malware is pretty hard to detect these days. Hackers have found multiple ways to sneak it in, hence making it hard for the users and antivirus to catch them. Security solution providers are trying their very best to counter these problems, but hackers seem to be staying one step ahead of them. A prime example of that is a new tool for torrent files.

Torrent Malware Proves Hackers are Getting Better

Hackers have come up with a new tool that they are sneaking into people’s devices by hiding it in torrent files. Once the Trojan torrent file is downloaded, the tool piggybacks on it to land on the device and give its control to the attacker. They are then free to wreak as much havoc as they want. All of the data present in the device is compromised. Hackers can misuse the information any way they want or they can use it to gain monetary benefits. Torrent files were never really safe, but since hackers have grown smarter, as pointed out by the latest malware report, they have come up with a way to turn an already existing risk into a menacing threat. The only way one can really know if the malicious tool has penetrated their device is by going through each and every file they download, which can prove quite time-consuming. Not a lot of people even bother seeing what files are included in the torrent file they are downloading, which makes the attack even easier for hackers.

Until security app developers roll out an effective defense against this latest threat, users are advised to exercise extreme vigilance while downloading torrents.