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How are Malwares Getting Inside Your Phone?

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When you have a phone, you think about how it can make your life easier and sort out things for you. There are a lot of things that these digital gadgets can do for us from making connections far away to sorting our daily busy routines. But, with every ease, comes hardship. You might be enjoying the perks of digital media and technology that your digital gadgets have given you, but at the same time, you will be inviting a lot of viruses and malware on your phone if you are not careful enough. Yes, using digital gadgets is not just a win-win game, you have to be careful about the things that come with them. 


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What is a Malware?

Malware is a code embedded in any app or link or a file that you might have downloaded, it can infect your system, steal your data, or conduct any action that the attacker wants. Once malware enters your system, it can hack your system or do anything as per its code. A lot of people have lost their data, their personal information, their business documents, and a lot more just because they couldn’t protect their digital gadgets. You might think that you are doing everything to be careful, but there are just too minor things that can make the malware enter your digital gadgets. 

Here are some of the ways through which malware can enter your digital gadget:

  • There are several links on the internet with eye-catching titles and once you click on these links, a whole set of malware is introduced to your system. Typically, kids are the ones who do this a lot. Whenever they use digital gadgets for whatever purpose, they come across such links and they click on these links right away to see what comes after that. 
  • Glittery ads are also the source of malware in any system. Again, kids are at the most risk when you are concerned about such ads. Since adults know that these ads are useless, they hardly click on them but that’s not the same case with the kids. They click on such things right away to see what these ads have to offer. Usually, hackers have attached malware to these ad links as well. 
  • Unfortunately, google play apps have also malware in them. This is not the case with all apps, instead, there are very few that are made attractive and once the user downloads these apps, malware is invited to the system. When downloading the app, you can check its credibility first before taking another step. 
  • Attaching an external device to your system can also welcome malware. It has happened to a lot of people now that whenever they attach an external device, their data is lost or the system gets hacked. So, try not to welcome every other device in your system. 
  • It is also being said that even the images that we download from the internet can have malware attached to them. 

How to Prevent Malware from Getting into Your Gadget? 

You might have realized that malware is almost everywhere and there is so much less that you can do about it. But, still, there are a few things that can be done to prevent malware from damaging our digital data and gadgets. Here are some of the things that you can do:


Make sure your kids know that such things are found on the internet. When kids start using the internet and digital gadgets, it is your responsibility to guide them about the things that they can face and how they are going to tackle these things. They should be guided about the links and ads that they see on the internet. They should know that they cannot download everything abruptly without knowing its credibility. Also, they should learn about the right way of research. 


Monitoring is not only to keep eye on people, but it has many other purposes as well. You can keep an eye on your system, kids’ gadgets, and even your employees’ systems through the help of monitoring apps. All that you have to do is to download a good monitoring app, Mobistealth, that can help you know if any external virus is entering your system. 

You can know what sort of activities are your little ones doing on the internet, what they are downloading, what they are watching, etc etc. Also, if you have a company to run, you can know what your employees are doing, how are they dealing with the system, and all that. Also, you can know when a hacker or malware enters your systems and you can do something about it right away. So, malware is the bitter truth of today’s digital world, but it can be dealt with. 


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