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Do You Have Malware? Here’s How to Tell


Malware is a huge problem that many people often fall prey to. However, finding and eradicating malware is actually not impossible. The first step of course is figuring out whether you have a problem with your computer’s security and privacy because of malware. There are tell tale signs that can highlight the issue, here is how to tell.

Where Is the Malware

When you get sick the doctor has to outline your disease through various symptoms. Similarly, you can diagnose the presence of malware by being a little vigilant. Detecting malware isn’t impossible, you just need to keep an eye out for the signs. For starters, if your computer is acting strange out of nowhere and for no reason then there is possibility that there is an unwanted software or program plaguing it.

The Popup Problem

Do you see popup ads all the time? This is the first clue in figuring out that there’s adware styled malware on your computer. Such malware will keep throwing advertisements at you that you haven’t signed up for, and are not related to the websites that you are actually checking out. Often these ads take the shape of adult content, which makes them easier to spot. If these ads pop up out of nowhere, even when you are not using the internet, then you may be infected with malware.

Alien Settings

Changed settings with no indication of where the change came from. This is another sign that something is going wrong with your system. Unwanted programs will often infiltrate to change various settings to their own advantage. Ever noticed your home page or search engine changed to something you would never change it to? That’s most likely malware. In most cases when you try to change the settings back to how they were before they do a double take and revert right back to their own whim.

Mysterious Toolbars

Your browser maybe rigged with tools that you never installed. If you find a toolbar that you don’t recognize, or an extension that you never installed them you maybe a victim of malware. Despite uninstalling these programs they will repeatedly come back if it is malware.

Terrible Performance

Sluggish performance and a generally lethargic system. A malware code will typically make your system extremely slow. They are not meant to help your computer run faster, they are only meant to infiltrate and get their own job done. Your system will also crash more frequently and create problems for you when you are trying to get through regular tasks.

Finding malware is the tricky part, getting rid of it requires a vigilant approach to your security settings. Always ensure that your web browsing is safe and secure, and invest in antivirus software along with a strong firewall to keep unwanted malware and programs out, and keep your system safe. While many  malware can be gotten rid of slightly easily, this isn’t always the case so focus on preventing infiltrations rather than dealing with them after they’ve happened.