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Majority of pre-teens have their own cell phones


A recent survey conducted by ORC International for National Consumers League found there are an increasing number of “tweens,” which are children aged 8 to 12, who have a cell phone.

The survey found nearly six out of 10 parents with tweens (56 percent) have provided their child with a cell phone, and this ranges between 62 percent in households of more than $100,000 annual income and 41 percent of $50,000 annual income. When it comes to getting their phone for the first time, 60 percent received their phone at 10 to 11, 15 percent got it at 12 and 20 percent were 8 to 9 years old.

Experts have been researching about it that whether smartphones at this age are justified or not. Should tweens be getting their own smartphones when they are not even allowed to make social media accounts at this age? It is observed that there are many preteens who have their accounts on Facebook and other social media platforms and their parents don’t even know about that. This is why the use of cell phone spy apps has emerged where parents can use Mobistealth to find out what their kid are doing.

The majority of parents (84 percent) bought their child a cell phone for safety reasons, 73 percent said to track after school activities and 16 percent reported because their child asked for one. When it comes to cost, 82 percent of parents said this was the determining factor in deciding which cell phone provider to use. In addition, more than half of the parents (52 percent) would consider switching cell phone services if they felt they were paying too much. Moreover, many parents are also considering the use of phone spy software, Mobistealth to keep an eye on the social media activities of their kids.

“This survey clearly shows that the use of cell phones is now becoming more entrenched at an earlier and earlier age in the U.S.,” said senior researcher at ORC International Graham Hueber.  “However, even a substantial portion of parents who are comfortable with putting a smartphone in the hands of an eight year old have qualms about the resulting costs and are open to considering options to lower their child’s phone bill. This is likely going to mean that more and more parents will look for ways to pull the purse strings a little tighter, such as setting a budget or exploring prepaid cell phone options.”

According to KERP-TV, there are a number of questions a parent should ask before they opt to get a cell phone for their child. Parents should consider why their kid needs a phone, what the device would be used for as well as if their child is mature enough to deal with having a phone. Parents who feel they want their child to have a device, but do not necessarily trust them completely can install a parental control software, which can help the parent keep tabs on their child.

When parents ask these questions, they will also become aware of the dangers associated with the use of smartphones by tweens. The more they know, better they will realize that they need cell phone spy apps for the safety of their kids. No matter what the reason is, tweens can never stay away from the dangers associated with the smartphones use as they see these things happening around them. The use of phone spy apps has become necessary for the parents who don’t want their kids to be caught in any danger.