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Location Tracking for Android Made Easy by Mobistealth


Apps offering location tracking for Android have been around for quite some time, but the problem is that all of them offer almost a similar type of solution. They enable you to track people with the help of GPS, which is a huge help, but it’s very limited. You can only track people through this feature if they have GPS activated on their device. This means that if someone knows they are being tracked, they can just turn off the GPS and you won’t be able to see where they are, rendering the app completely useless. This is why you can’t depend on the tools that offer just one small solution to a big problem. The people at Mobistealth realized this shortcoming and started to work on new ways to track smartphone location and they’ve come up with two additional options.

Tracking Through SMS

First thing that they’ve added to the app is text message location tracking. This does exactly what you think it does. It allows you to keep an eye on someone’s position through their text messages. So if you’re monitoring someone and they send or receive an SMS, you’ll know about their location immediately. This is a huge help because people, especially kids, in general are pretty clever and tech savvy nowadays, and know a few ways to bypass simple GPS tracking. However, there’s no escaping SMS tracking. As soon as someone receives or sends a text message, their position pops up.

Tracking Without GPS

Tracking without GPS has also been made possible by Mobistealth. If for example, the GPS is turned off on the target device, then the app will keep tabs on its whereabouts through Wi-Fi. This added feature was more than enough, but the team didn’t stop there and introduced another option that allows you to track location through the device’s network. This basically means that the app utilizes the radio tower signals to help track the device down.

So now, you have text message location tracking, Wi-Fi location tracking, radio tower signals location tracking, and GPS location tracking – all of which can be accessed through a single app. To top it all off, Mobistealth offers historical location tracking that provides information about all the locations the person you’re monitoring had been to over the past day or so. This means that you will not be restricted to knowing current locations only and won’t have to keep checking up on someone 24/7. You can go about your day like you normally do and at the end of the day, you can just log in and get information about all the locations with ease.