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Lesser Known Features in iOS 9 And Why They Matter


iOS 9 has been around for a while now, but there is very little known about it. We know that it comes with interesting features like improvement in virtual personal assistant Siri, revamped apps and much more, but most of its important features are still unknown to many people. It needs an eagle eye to identify and analyze these under-the-hood features. Let’s have a closer look to pinpoint these particular iOS 9 hidden features that are bound to enhance users’ experience up to a great extent.

Offers Extra Layer of Protection

iOS 9 offers an extra layer of protection by encouraging its user to create a 6-digit password instead of a traditional 4-digit password, making it difficult for hackers to crack it. No one, at least not an amateur hacker or snoop, has enough free time to try one million possible combinations. The newest iteration of Apple’s mobile OS also contains a revamped version of two-factor authentication, making your documents, photos, videos, and other data even more secured.

App Thinning Feature is a Good Addition

App thinning is yet another interesting but relatively less-known feature present in iOS 9. It allows you to optimize third-party apps according to your device so that they take less space, get installed faster, and work smoothly. An app for iPhone may not require all the features and content needed for an iPad, thus letting you save storage space. What’s more interesting is the ability to download on-demand resources instead of downloading the whole app, especially if most of its data files are not needed. For instance, you may not download those images or data files for a particular game that are needed at later levels.

Light and Proximity Sensor Saves Battery

iOS 9 comes equipped with light and proximity sensors that are designed to detect when the device is facedown so that the screen lighting feature upon getting notifications is disabled. If you are sleeping with your device facedown next to you, then the screen won’t get switched on to alert you about a notification. This saves battery up to a great extent, especially if you frequently receive notifications.

Low Power Mode Gives Additional Three Extra Hours

The battery is an all-time issue for iPhone users, but Apple has finally gotten down to fixing the problem. If you cannot recharge your device for another 3 to 4 hours and you desperately need your device to remain switched on, then you may turn on the low power mode. The lower power mode decreases the performance of device down to 60% by stopping features like animated wallpapers, motion effects, etc. What you get is a bonus of three extra hours of battery life.

Updates Require Less Space

Every update you accept requires a space of 4.58GB in the device to get completed successfully, which is too much, especially if your device is already overloaded with data. iOS 9 has resolved this issue by setting a minimum limit to 1.3 GB for every update. Furthermore, it added an auto app delete option which pops up every time your device does not have space for an update. What it does is that it frees up space by temporarily deleting a few apps. These apps automatically get reinstalled once the update is successfully installed on the device.