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Here is How to Keep Your Kids Safe from Cyberbullying


Cyberbullying has become a major issue these days and children are becoming a victim of it on regular basis. Kids being kids, think that if they tell their parents that they are being bullied, they will be considered weak. With this thought in mind, they keep all the cyberbullying incidents to themselves and face the hardship alone. This affects them in a big way – it takes away their confidence, self-esteem, and the will to learn. They are scared all the time because they are incapable of finding an escape from cyberbullying.

Kids get threatened and are made fun of at school and this continues at home via various social networking platforms and messaging apps. As a parent, this is the time to intervene as you need to stop your kid from facing all this trouble. However, there is very little you can do when your kids aren’t sharing anything with you and you have no idea what’s going on in their lives. Fortunately, there is a way to find out what’s happening in your children’s lives and it’s called monitoring solutions. These monitoring tools help in keeping an eye on your kids’ online activities so that they can be kept safe from the online threats. How these solutions work and how they can help keep your children safe have been discussed below.

How Do They Work?

Monitoring tools come integrated with features that are designed to keep an eye on someone’s online activities. They provide you with complete call logs where you can see phone numbers and names of people that your kids have been in contact with. Moreover, they allow you to read up entire text conversations, which comes as a huge help. It also comes with browser logging which enables you to see what sites are being visited by your children. That’s not all as monitoring apps also come equipped with messaging apps monitoring which allows you to keep tabs on WhatsApp, Skype, Kik, Viber, and other popular messaging apps. Photos and videos that are saved in your children’s device can also be viewed by you. So basically, you are handed complete control over your kids’ smartphones and with everything in your sight, you can keep them safe from online threats.

How to Keep Them Safe from Online Threats?

As mentioned above, you are given complete control over your kids’ device and with that control, you can keep them safe from all sorts of threats including Cyberbullying. If your children are indeed a victim of it, they will constantly be getting disdainful messages from their fellow classmates. Your children will either give a half-wit response to it or won’t respond at all. In most cases, they just won’t respond because they feel utterly powerless. This is where your role as a parent comes into play. You have to intervene and assure your kids that they are not powerless at all. They have their parents by their side and they don’t have to fear anything anymore. Next thing you should do is report the bullying kids to the school authorities so they can be dealt with. These days, monitoring solutions are your only sure way to keep tabs on kids and keep them safe from online threats. Knowing that it is advised that you definitely try them out.



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