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Should You Use Keyloggers at your Workplace


Keyloggers have become a norm especially in businesses. Employers install them on to their employees’ computers to see what they are really up to during work hours. So if you are running a company and are wondering, should you do the same thing and keep tabs on your employees? Then the answer is yes. There are a lot of advantages of using keyloggers at workplaces, and some of those advantages have been discussed here.

No More Time Wastage

One problem that you as an employer have to face on regular basis is that employees waste most of their time looking at videos and chatting on social networking sites, and there’s very little you can do about it. However, with the help of keyloggers, you will be able to remain aware of what they’re dedicating their time to when they should be concentrating on work. This allows you to single out the people that are wasting their time and give them a warning or punishment. This will also serve as a lesson to other employees as they will know that they are being watched and will most likely set their priorities straight.

No Corruption

Even a bit of transaction issue can lead to a whole lot of trouble. With so many deals taking place in businesses, it is very difficult for you as an employer to keep check on all of them. A few employees might take advantage of this scenario and mess with the transactions to keep some of the money for themselves. This practice is pretty common in third-world countries, which is why preventive measures need to be taken. Fortunately, keyloggers come in handy here as well because they enable you to keep tabs on all the activity of your business and of your employees. This will discourage employees from engaging in corrupt practices, and will keep the workplace clean from any kind of illegal activities.

Increase in Performance

Now that employees know that their keystrokes and other activities are being recorded, they will put in extra work with the intended motivation to impress you. The more time they spend doing actual work, the more beneficial it will be for you and your business. This can only be achieved through keyloggers though, so invest in one that fulfills all of your needs without much of a hassle.


Employees working hard lead to an increase in the overall performance of the company. However, keylogger cannot keep employees motivated for a long time. This is where you have to come in and reward the employees who have been working their socks off. The reward doesn’t necessarily have to be monetary – a simple appreciation email, pat on the back, or even saying nice work will suffice. It will help boost the morale of the employee, plus it will motivate other employees to do the same. Everyone will know they’re constantly being watched by the boss and if they put in a little extra effort, they will be rewarded as well.