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Keeping Kids Safe Online: Easier Said Than Done


The digital generation is not the easiest to supervise, which consequently raises their susceptibility to some pretty nasty and relentless threats like pornography, cyberbullying, sexual harassment, and plenty more. Although parents are responsible for keeping their kids safe, both online as well as offline, they face a constant challenge of keeping pace with technological advancements, which in turn hampers their ability to keep an eye on what their kids are up to online. While the situation has become slightly less unfavorable since the advent of monitoring apps, things haven’t shown a great deal of improvement, or offered parents the expected amount of convenience and success in their endeavor.

Parents Aren’t Tech Savvy

Most of the parents in the modern day have come from a time where they did not use smartphones. However, the world is completely different nowadays and parents aren’t aware of most of the technological advancements. Children take advantage of this and fool their parents into thinking that they are studying or are with a study group, when in reality they are just talking to their friends or some stranger through multiple social media platforms. Some kids even know the loopholes in monitoring apps and therefore are easily able to get themselves off the radar.

Problem with Leaving Kids Unsupervised Online

Children aren’t the smartest, so they are easy targets for predators that are always on the hunt for complacent kids. They give them all sorts of ideas of what the ideal life should be to attract them. Kids become target of such individuals rather easily. That’s not all though as children themselves can get involved with a bad company of friends, which can lead to drugs, alcohol, or even some criminal activity. Porn addiction is another major issue of the modern day where kids start watching adult content at a fairly early age and are exposed to stuff that they aren’t supposed to see. This addiction can lead to a whole lot of problems later in life. All of these are some serious concerns that need to be taken care of.

What Parents Should Do?

Kids want to be wild and want everything to happen just as they want. However, parents know better as they’ve experienced the world first-hand. They just have to sit with their kids and tell them about the problems of the social media and the people around the globe. However, this can only work to some extent and due to this reason, parents have to adopt and learn the new technologies. They should do some research on the apps and see what’s popular amongst kids. This will enable them to create a better connection with their children, and will help them to communicate with the younger generation without much of a hassle.