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July is a dangerous time for cell phones, report shows


Summertime is here, and as many people gear up for the Fourth of July or other fun in the sun activities, they may want to keep an eye on their cell phone. Asurian, a technology protection service, recently released data that pegged July as being one of the most dangerous months for cell phones, as issues involving these mobile devices occur during the summer month over any other time of year.

The research also shows 80 percent of issues occur within the first year of owning a phone and that the Fourth of July racks up the most claims filed. These phones are being lost, stolen or damaged and the cost can climb quite high. The average cost to replace a smartphone can be up to $500 to $700.

However, July is not the only summer month in which people need to careful with their mobile devices. In fact, June and August are the next two months in which the most claims come in for lost, damaged or stolen cell phones.

“Our mobile phones are our connection. It doesn’t matter if we are at the beach, on a boat, or hiking through the woods, we keep our phone near,” said Bettie Colombo, spokesperson for Asurion. “Our service plays a vital role in ensuring you can stay connected while enjoying the summer and if you have an accident, you can find, secure or replace that lifeline at a cost far less than full retail.”

Some tips to keep a phone safe these hot summer months include investing in a waterproof case or a transparent film screen.

Cell phone owners may be the most worried about their phone being stolen, as new stories come out each day about devices being taken from people. For many, a mobile device is more than just a simple telephone. In fact, people often store a lot of personal information on the phone, including work email, bank statements and personal accounts. Setting up a cell phone tracking software may give the owner some peace of mind, as they will always be able to locate the phone as well as detect if a person was trying to access the data within the cell phone.