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Why it’s Important for Parents to Keep Tabs on Kids’ Social Media Apps


Parents usually ignore what their kids are doing on social media apps like WhatsApp, Viber, Kik, LINE, and Skype because they feel that their youngsters are sensible and mature enough to know how to use them. However, they are somewhat wrong in their thinking because kids are after all kids, naïve, reckless, and inexperienced. As a result, they can succumb to all sorts of problems, some of which have been outlined below.

Potential Risk of Cyberbullying

Cyberbullying has become a huge threat to the children these days due to easy access of internet. People find an easy target and bully them whenever they feel like it. They insult and make fun of them, hence completely destroying their target’s self-esteem. Your kids might also be a victim of this threat but you can’t really do anything about it unless you know they are indeed going through this predicament. And the only way for you to know about it is if you monitor social media apps used by your kids. If you see that they’re receiving hate-messages, offensive pictures, or disturbing videos, then intervene right away and stop it from going any further. If you don’t stop this problem in its stride, then you will only have yourself to blame if your kids do something reckless.

Exchanging Pornographic Content

You can filter the internet at your house but you can’t control what your kids receive through social networking apps. Pornographic content generally fascinates them, especially the young ones, and when they don’t get access to it on the home computer, they look to other platforms for accessing it. One of these ways is social media apps. They ask their friends to send pornographic content their way, and the latter comply. This exchange starts out as a one-time thing, but soon it turns into a regular exchange where multiple friends are just exchanging adult videos and images with each other. This habit of theirs can prove to be pretty dangerous and can lead to a lot of problems like porn addiction. So save your kids from all this threat by keeping tabs on their social media activity and ensure that no one sends or receives any kind of adult content to anyone.

Learning Abusive Language

Another problem plaguing the modern day generation with access to social networking apps is excessive abusing. They have started to abuse on regular basis and the cause of this is the social networking platforms where they chat with their friends in private. These friends sometimes derail from the formal talk and start to abuse a little as everyone jokes around. However, once everyone notices that no one seems to mind the abusive language, this starts to happen way more and everyone comes with abuses of their own. Such language is then integrated into their regular conversations, making them abusive. Kids then don’t care who they are talking to or what they are saying because this language has become a norm for them. As a parent, you surely don’t want your kids to go down this path, which is why you should keep an eye on their social media exchanges.