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iPhone passcodes may be easier to crack than expected


A number of iPhone users opt to set a passcode on their device. This way, if the phone was stolen or lost, a random person would not be able to access what is one the iPhone. This can be extremely beneficial, as a lot of people have their email, business information and even their banking accounts on their device. However, a new video shows that accessing these phones may be easier than a lot of people thought, according to PC Magazine.

A Swedish company, Micro Systemation, has developed a software that can easily break that four-digit code on iPhones as well as on some Android devices. The company’s application is sold to police departments and military personnel, as it can access a lot of information about the phone’s user including call history, GPS logs, text messages and even keystrokes. The company is able to gather this information by taking advantage of weakness in the phone manufacturer’s software system. However, these cell phone companies are aware, and are constantly changing their software, according to the news source.

“Every week a new phone comes out with a different operating system and we have to reverse engineer them,” Micro Systemation marketing director Mike Dickinson told Forbes Magazine. “We’re constantly chasing the market.”

The software is sold to approximately 60 different countries, but its biggest client is the U.S. military. As smartphones continue to grow in popularity, so will the business and software, as it can lead police and military to certain criminals, the media outlet reports.

“It’s a massive boom industry, the growth in evidence from mobile phones,” Dickinson added. “After twenty years or so, people understand they shouldn’t do naughty things on their personal computers, but they still don’t understand that about phones. From an evidential point of view, it’s of tremendous value… if they’ve done something wrong.”

According to CNET, the longer the passcode or password, the better, as individuals and software companies will have a tougher time accessing information with a harder-to-crack passcode.

Those who are worried the information they have on their phone could be compromised may want to install cell phone tracking software, which can notify the user of the location of their phone and if a person tried to open various files in the phone.