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iPhone 6 Has An Eye for Quality Images


Apple has introduced its new iPhone model into the market with a bang. The two new models, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus respectively, have managed to attract a legion of fans yet again by making many clever modifications to the new products. Here we will discuss the unique features combined into the iPhone 6 (including description of a few features from iPhone 6 Plus). The last we heard, people were happily clicking away their worries with the improved camera options made available in the fresh model. Read on to know how the new iPhone camera is making people so happy.

Fast and Focused

The autofocusing technology used in iPhone 6 is not only fast but also consistent in terms of the photo quality. This technology, branded as “Focus Pixels”, uses the phase-detection autofocus system to decrease the chances of the photo turning out blurry. In other words it also means that the iPhone 6 sets its focus at twice the speed as the previous model and provides the user with the option to take quick snaps at a moment’s notice.

Nearly Identical Cameras

The cameras installed in the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus are the same except for one minor modification made to the latter model. The iPhone 6 Plus is packed with an optical image stabilizing technology which balances the natural shaking motion of the hand and as a result produce a clean and clear shot. This option also enables users of iPhone 6 Plus to capture good quality photos and videos in low light.

HDR Photos and Video

The iPhone 6’s rear camera is capable of recording Full HD 1080 video at 60 frames per second (fps). The previous model (iPhone 5S) captured video at 30 fps which gives a good advantage to the latest model to capture a comparatively sharp image than the previous iPhone.

Life in Slow-Motion

It is true that the slow-motion video recording option was introduced by Apple in its iPhone 5S model. The iPhone 6 can record slow-motion videos at 120 to 240 fps. Obviously these videos take more memory space than normal video recordings.

The release of iOS 8 has also made recording time-lapse videos on the iPhone 6 as easy as it gets. The video is produced by taking photos at different intervals and then sewing them together into a complete time-lapse sequence.

Higher Resolution FaceTime Camera

The front camera a.k.a. the FaceTime camera of the iPhone 6 has gone through a few modifications. The 1.2 megapixel resolution is the same as the previous model, but has a faster f/2.2 aperture for enhanced picture quality. Users also have the option to control the light temperature from the FaceTime camera.

Third-Party Developers Join the Party

The iOS 8 has made it possible for third-party developers to use the option of granular controls inside the iPhone 6 camera to their advantage. Though some apps are already present in the App Store, there are a wide range of other apps out there in the market that allows the user to make modifications to the iPhone camera and transform it into a professional DSLR camera.

That’s the kind of a deal that the iPhone 6 is offering. You can either leave it or take it, your choice.


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