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iOS 9 Lockscreen Bug Exposes Apple’s Negligence


If you are a happy and confident iPhone user running iOS 9 on your device, then there’s a small yet very important advice for you; try not to lose your Apple device. As it turns out, there’s a security bug in the first version of iOS 9 that allows literally anyone to sneak into your device. If you do not have a secret affair or dirty pictures on your device, then you are safe, otherwise this little bug can cause you a lot of trouble.

It All Started With a Video

The joy of Apple and iOS 9 users turned to ashes in their mouth after a user Jose Rodriguez uploaded a proof-of-concept video on the internet showing how he was able to get access to the device contacts, gallery and other stuff without entering the password. The video got 130,000 views. People literally felt betrayed upon learning about this security bug, as it’s difficult to digest an error so big from a company like Apple. The company acted smartly and came up with an update to fix the problem but guess what? Even the new update, i.e. 9.0.1, was unable to fix the problem.

Christmas Arrives Early for Hackers

Things got a bit out of hand when people shared different ways of getting access to the device data without entering the password, giving hackers a holiday treat long before Christmas. For those who are yet unaware of how simple the whole process of breaking into an iPhone running iOS 9 is, here’s a quick guide. Simply enter a wrong password four times in a row, then enter the three digits and hold down a Home button to start Siri the minute you enter the fourth number. You are ready to go.

A Persistent Problem

A quick look into the recent history of Apple reveals that the tech giant is not facing this issue for the first time. The same issue hit iOS 4 when Siri was launched. iOS 7 users also complained about the same thing. What’s shocking is that Apple hasn’t been able to learn from its past mistakes.

The Fix Arrives

Apple was obviously under great pressure as its reputation was being challenged by the lockscreen bug. As expected, the company did not sit idle and instead worked day and night to release iOS version 9.0.2, which finally thwarted the bug and returned iPhone users the peace of mind they were craving ever since hearing about the gaping security hole.