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Improving Employee Performance Through Monitoring Tools

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Employee performance becomes stagnated over time as most of the employees begin to waste their time in the workplace. They don’t take their jobs seriously anymore or aren’t as concerned with their work as they used to be. As an employer, you need to take steps to ensure that this doesn’t happen with your workforce. You have to keep them motivated in order to get the best possible outcome. The traditional ways may work sometimes but sooner or later, you will need to up your game. And for that purpose, you will need proper implementation of monitoring tools.

As you already know, monitoring solutions are present in most businesses these days, but instead of utilizing those tools, employers just use them for spying and that’s where the problem begins. Instead of getting motivated, people start to fear for their privacy and that leads to new problems. Only implementing monitoring won’t help either, you will have to do it in the right manner. What that manner is and how it will help improve your company’s performance has been mentioned in detail below.


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Stop Time Wasting Habits

Instead of spying on your employees’ each and every move, just see their browsing history and if you notice that they keep on visiting time wasting websites like Facebook and YouTube way too often, then penalize them. Slacking off to some extent can be forgiven but if an employee is doing it all the time, then that’s just unacceptable. Seeing their deeds go unpunished demotivates other workforce and instead of focusing on their tasks, they start to waste their time as well. This is a contagious process and will not lead your company anywhere. So, the point is, don’t use monitoring tools for spying on your employees. Instead, penalize them so that it would serve as a lesson for others. Seeing time-waster get punished would put everyone else in line.

Set Up Reward System

Set up a reward system that’s based on your monitoring solution. People who work hard get rewarded for their effort. I am sure it’s already like this in your company but more often than not, people who don’t actually put in an effort, end up taking credit for someone else’s work. However, with monitoring solution installed in your workplace, you don’t have to rely on someone’s word as you will have all the information you need at your disposal. You can see which of the employees have actually put in an effort and reward them for it.

Seeing that the only way to gain reward in your organization is hard work would motivate other people to put in extra effort as well. They’d all want to be rewarded and the work that they do to get them would eventually help the company grow. You will have to invest a lot in this endeavor as rewards can go a long way in motivating the employees. These rewards don’t always have to be monetary though, non-monetary rewards work fine as well. Employees want to be recognized for the work they’ve put in and if you on recognizing their effort, your employees will keep giving their 100% and your company’s performance will keep on improving.


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