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Important steps to end cyberbullying


The National Crime Prevention Council reports that approximately half of American teens are affected by cyberbullying, and a number of organizations are in the process of finding a way to prevent it.

The effects of cyberbullying, which is bullying through internet applications and technologies such as a computer or cell phone, on teens can be quite horrific. According to the Grafton Patch, there are a few different types of cyberbullying. Flaming or trolling involves posting a hostile message to “inflame” emotions. Happy-slapping is when a person records a peer being abused and then posts it online. In addition, there is also identity theft, photoshopping, rumor spreading and physical threats.

Parents can help combat cyberbullying from occurring, and the first thing they must do is talk to their children about what it is and how badly it could affect someone, according to the media outlet. Adults should keep their computer in a busy area of the home, discuss their child’s buddy list or Facebook friends along with knowing their passwords and screennames. Parents who fear that their child is a victim of cyberbullying may want to purchase parental control software to see their child’s activity on the computer or cell phone.

A lot of cyberbullying can take place on social media websites like Facebook. The amount of friend a teen has results in the people consistently posting on their page, and some of the comments can be quite hurtful. According to The Grand Island Independent, students should try not to feed into the bullying.

The students at Grand Island Senior High School in Nebraska were asked to watch a public service announcement which focused on “pausing before posting.” The video encouraged students to take a minute to ensure that what they are saying could not negatively affect another person. The school is hoping the announcement will deter some from posting inappropriate messages on Facebook in the near future.

There has been some legislation as of late to get rid of cyberbullying permanently by making it illegal. According to the news channel KCBY-TV, there is a bill currently moving through legislation in order to develop a well-thought out plan to combat cyberbullying. Senator Joanne Verger, who developed the bill, told the news source that it was “an active approach to limiting the pain and suffering associated with cyber bullying that reach into the real world.”