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How to make a resume stand out


Searching for a job has never been easier, thanks in large part to the internet. However, this has caused a massive roadblock for many individuals, as they send their resumes to company websites and they can easily get lost in the digital cloud.

“Today companies are receiving hundreds of resumes for each position and, due to the volume, are not acknowledging receipt of them,” Anita Attridge, a Five O’Clock Club career and executive coach, told the news source. “Most large and medium-size companies are using applicant tracking systems to screen resumes before a person looks at them. Smaller organizations, many just review the ones they receive until they find enough qualified candidates and then set the other resumes aside.”

Tips to make sure your resume finds its way to the right hands include researching a company’s hiring process, as it can give a person insight on how the company works. In addition, job seekers can try to identify the hiring manager and send their resume to them directly. Asking for an informational interview can also be beneficial, as it draws the manager to the specific person.

There are other factors at work that many be keeping a prospective employee away from their dream job – for instance, social media. Many think of social media as a great way to stay in touch with friends and share their personal thoughts, but many employers have employee monitoring software, so it is imperative to get rid of certain postings that could cause trouble down the line.

According to Mashable, there are a number of ways in which social media could be derailing a job search, and it is important to fix any problems before sending out a resume. One method is to change settings so that only certain people see everything that is posted on a page, just in case a friend decides to post something inappropriate. Keep in mind, there is a fine line from posting too much to posting nothing at all. It is important to find a balance, as the extremes can work against a person.

Also, if a person does get the job, avoid visiting social media sites for non-work related purposes. Many employers have access to what an employee is doing while at work, so it is not advisable to be surfing Twitter or Facebook instead of working, the media outlet reports.