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How Cyberbullying is Affecting Modern Day Kids


Bullying has always been a huge problem at schools, but kids were able to avoid it when they arrived home. They felt safe in their own homes with their family and that helped them. However, now that bullying has turned into cyberbullying, there’s no escaping it.

No matter what a kid does, they are bound to get bullied over the web. At school, they get made fun of, and when they go home, they receive all kinds of insulting messages. With no escape from these bullies, some kids can’t handle the pressure and end up losing confidence, self-esteem, and the will to make friends.

They just stay held up in their rooms and avoid exposure of all kinds. This, of course, is not a healthy behavior and really hurts the upbringing of a child. These problems are just the beginning though – if kids don’t get the support they need at this point, they may go down a road where it’s difficult to come back from.


Children, who are holed up in their room without any human connection, have all kinds of thoughts and in order to make those thoughts go away, they seek help from drugs. The worst part now is that it’s not that difficult to get your hands on drugs.

They are readily available everywhere, and there are certain pharmacies that sell them without requiring a prescription. The kids have no way to escape from the real-life problem of cyberbullying so in order to get some peace, they begin doing drugs. It starts off slow, but soon, it becomes a daily habit for them.

Soon, they are addicted to the product and there’s very little you can do at that point. If they are to be their normal self again, they will need immense support and a good rehab, but even then, it won’t assure anything. As a parent, it is your responsibility to ensure that things never get to this point.


Sometimes, things get out of control for the children and the only way they see themselves getting free is through suicide. There have been many incidents where kids just couldn’t take cyberbullying anymore and rid themselves of this atrocity, they took their own life. This situation and all other similar situations can be avoided quite easily if you, as parents are vigilant.

Admittedly, it’s not an easy task to know what your kids are up to in their daily routines, but there is a solution for this issue now and it’s called monitoring apps. These apps allow you to see what’s happening in your kid’s digital life and with that information, you can protect them from all kinds of bullies. Knowing that their parents would always be there to support them serves as a huge confidence booster. The thought of someone watching their back keeps them going and that is the ultimate goal. Neither drugs nor suicide will help your children in any way, which is why the best way of keeping them safe is through monitoring tools.