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Hackers Making a Complete Mockery of Digital Defenses


There was a time when security breach incidents were rare and far between. However, the past couple of years have not been kind to computer users as several security breaches have happened in which millions and millions of people have been affected. Some of the victims had their bank accounts compromised, some got their social network account hacked, while some lost access to critical data. With so many hacking incidents happening, it was believed that some strong measures would be taken to apprehend the hackers, but the reality is completely opposite. Most of the hackers behind these incidents are still on the loose and it has given confidence to other hackers who now want some piece of action as well. In just past few months, there have been numerous serious data breaches, and millions of accounts were compromised yet again.

Is There No Stopping the Attackers?

It certainly seems this way at the moment, as the hackers have started to torment general public and even governments. In just past couple of months, we have seen attacks on major corporations like Microsoft and Sony. The CEO of Sony America became a fixed target for the hackers, forcing him into retirement. Another security breach happened at adultery site of Ashley Madison. Millions of accounts were compromised, and the members fear that hackers might them to get their hands on some critical information. Most recently, a large number of US government officials came under attack as well as hackers accessed some accounts and got their hands on some sensitive data. It was later revealed that the damage could have been much worse if the correct measures hadn’t been taken at that time.

The way things are going, it looks like hackers have become pretty confident in their work and don’t fear the consequences of their actions anymore. This thinking is brought upon by other hackers who are yet to be caught and continue to torment people by breaking through their computer’s defenses.

How to Stop Them?

Some of the hackers that have been caught, and are skilled enough, can come in really handy in this situation. Instead of putting them in jail, why not use them to find other hackers. Agencies around the world are trying their best to investigate these hacking incidents and in most incidents, they have only been able to track their location with no signs of actual culprits. This failure just cannot be ignored any longer. The hackers that have been taken into custody should be used to track other hackers, otherwise things may get out of control even more. It’s just not possible for someone to be so much skilled that they can’t be tracked. You just need the right man with the right skills to put you back in the game. It doesn’t matter if they are convicted criminals or just regular people. This needs to stop and the security agencies around the world should collaborate to put an end to it.