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Hackers Can Be Your Friends


Hackers can often prove to be an IT security experts worst nightmare. Their main aim is to break in and steal all sorts of important data, but can a hacker benefit you instead of hurting you? The easy, yet unbelievable answer, is yes.

Finding the Leak

Who better than Ali Baba and his forty thieves to show you all the ways in which you are exposed? A hacker is someone who can exploit a whole lot of things in your digital architecture and find all kinds of backdoors and loopholes before doing the damage they want to do. It isn’t just small firms that are targets, big giants like Yahoo!, LinkedIn and Apple have also suffered at the hands of hackers. It’s no surprise that hackers are now being hired by the government to find terrorism as well.

What a CSO Won’t See

Typically a CSO should be able to find you all the different problems and gaps in your security setup. But this isn’t always the case because the CSO is still someone who is playing by the rules. They aren’t as well versed in exploiting systems as a hacker would be – for a hackers entire job is to actively look for vulnerabilities that he can use to his advantage. Any IT team would benefit from one great, for all practical purposes. Of course that also means you should do your homework. No hacker knows how to hack every single thing, look for your specialized set of problems so that you can hire a hacker who provide a specific specialized set of services.

Advanced Security

A hacker won’t just demonstrate all the different ways your structure can be opened up and infiltrated. They can also, with great ease, show you precisely what needs to be done to keep other hackers out of your system. There are several websites being run by hackers that are supposed to perform this very function. They tell you all the ways they can get in, and then explain all the ways you can keep them, and others like them, out.

Evolving Problems

Depending on the finances that are available to you, you would want to hire a onetime expert to have a look at your structure, or you could fully employ and deploy a set of hackers to act as security experts. The trouble with loopholes and backdoors is that the digital world keeps evolving. The methods through which your structure can be attacked are therefore also evolving. So you may think you have sealed an entry point shut, but a whole new window could open up a few months down the line. Having a guy on board full time, or as a freelancer, could work out pretty well. Companies that aren’t functioning with larger budgets can also do a routine checkup of their systems. It would be the same as going to the doctor for a yearly checkup. That way all the vulnerabilities can be easily tackled and dealt with.