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GTA V Mods Inviting Malware on Users’ PCs


As soon as GTA V made its way to PC after a long wait, it was inevitable that it will start to receive some new mods. And people were not disappointed as the game started to get new mods just a couple of days after its release. Although there were some users that were banned for using the mods in online mode, Rockstar later clarified that the mods are only permitted in the single player portion of the game. With the fan base of GTA V, there was no doubt that it would be downloaded by millions of people around the world, and malicious hackers saw this as an opportunity and snuck two GTA V malware on to the computers of anyone who downloaded the game.

Beware of the Malicious Mods

A large number of mods are making their way to the game, but two of them called Angry Planes and No Clip have been receiving special attention on the internet as players are warning other people about them. Both of these mods are actually malware in disguise so the people who will download it thinking they are getting something fresh in GTA V will actually be inviting a malware into their PC.

Delicious but Dangerous

The No Clip mod of GTA V enables players to turn into ghosts, hence allowing them to walk through walls without any problem. On the other hand, Angry Planes mod endangers players as bunch of aggressive pilots get invited to the scene. Both of these mods sound pretty good which is why there will be a lot of people who will take the bait and will become the target of malware.

Mod Mania

Previous iteration in the series, GTA IV, also received a plethora of mods and some of them were just amazing. There was this one mod which enhanced the visuals of the game and made it look like a complete next-gen title. Then there were some mods that allowed players to live their fantasy and play as superheroes in the world of GTA. Players were given options to play as Iron Man, Hulk, Superman and other heroes from comic books.

With the arrival of GTA V on PC, players were hoping for more of the same, and the things were going pretty smoothly until the aforementioned mods crashed the party. Now, players will be careful and think twice before downloading any mod. This is good in some ways, but the modders who spend hours and hours into creating one perfect scenario will not be able to get their due.