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Google Wallet vs Apple And The iPhone 6


Apple pay is claiming to be the answer to all your payment needs. With the update for the iOS 8.1 we finally got our hands on that too courtesy the iPhone 6. However, Google has already been singing the tune that Apple has just caught on to. Google Wallet and NFC have been around for a while, so how does the iPhone 6 compare with what it brings to the table?

Not anyone’s favorite

Google Wallet infamously did not manage to capture attention the way it should have. Android users had already been paying their bills through NFC. It has been on the rise for a while now. Why that managed to take off and Google Wallet didn’t is odd to say the least. However, Apple would like a piece of the pie now. Apple isn’t just changing the game for itself, it’s changing it for Google too. Around 220,000 retailers will allow Apple Pay, and if they let that in then that means Google Wallet will also be working at these locations. Despite not intending or wanting it, Apple is going to be giving a boost to Google Wallet – potentially even bringing it back to life.

Anything you can do, I can do better

Google can sing that song all the way to bank and it is true in most cases, the only place where iPhone has Google beat is perhaps the security department. Android continues to perform horrendously but the same cannot be said for iPhones, despite the fact that they are far from perfect. But how is Google’s product better?

  • Sheer numbers talk better than anything else can. Google Wallet simply has a larger audience that it can grab as opposed to iPhone because of the market share that is firmly held under its belt.
  • Users are already acquainted with Google Wallet and know how it works. There isn’t anything new for them to get used to, and there certainly isn’t anything innovation for them to look forward to with Apple.
  • Google Wallet accepts all kinds of cards and banks, the same cannot be said for Apple as of right now.
  • While it does make use of a security pin to keep stuff safe, it also has the Google Wallet Card. You can actually plump it up with funds from any of your accounts and use it in place of a card you might be scared of losing. Apple doesn’t yet have that. It’ll even work at your ATM.

Apple’s payment system is amazing, there is no doubt about that. But Apple has a lot of work to do before it can match the offerings that have been in place for close to three years. Google hasn’t been wasting time, it’s been sharpening and perfecting its system, and it will continue to do so in the future as well. Meanwhile Apple is introducing tech that is literally two years old. There isn’t much of a debate on which system is better, not much of a debate at all.